Another wonderful day with friends

Today was another special day – got to spend the whole day with wonderful friends.  We arrived about 11 am  and did not get home until 11:30pm.   We spent alot of time talking – out to lunch – more talking – tour of the Thomaston Opera House (Louice makes all the clothes worn in the shows) – back to thier house for more conversation and then dinner.  At night we went back to the opera house and saw Our Town.  Very good production.  Thanks Ray and Louise for another wonderful day.  We have been so blessed to have so many wonderful friends.  Thanks to you all.

Now word on the house – did not get the final commitment – asked for an extension until Monday.  Our lawyer feels we will close before Friday so keep your fingers crossed.  I never will sell another house – this has been a nightmare – our other two houses sold in 2 days with no problems.  Amazing to me in todays world why things are so complicated.  

Until next time keep us in your thoughts and prayers.