Maple Grove Campground, Our first stop

After a little miss steps we arrived at our new location around 4:30 (1630).  I am going to have to keep a better watch on the mapping software, it had us get off I89 at exit 11, then take local route 2, 117, 127 and 104 to get to the campground, to many back roads and construction delays. If I had looked we could have gone to exit 18, RT7 to RT104A to RT104, about 30 miles of back road less, oh well live and learn.

I think there is going to be a lot of learning to come!!

The campground was easy to find and the first impression was “very clean”.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Entrance001.jpg”>

We all know how important that first impression is, and here we were not disappointed. As you can see the entrance is well maintained.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Entrance002.jpg”>

As you can see, this is to the right as you drive in, even with all the rain they have had to grounds are well manicured —- nice.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/office004.jpg”>

Here is where we checked in and met Sue for the first time. I was very impressed that she did not have to ask our name, she knew who we were. We had been in contact with her through out the closing ordeal with the house and had made reservations starting on Wednesday and did not arrive until Friday. Peg had kept her informed on our progress, so when we arrived her first comment was “I guess the closing went ok?”, boy it made you feel like you had a friend.  After all a stranger is just a friend you have not met as yet.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Owners_home005.jpg”>

As the office is not open all the time, when it is closed you are free to come to this site for any questions and concerns.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Playground006.jpg”>

As you can see the campground has very limited recreational facilities, but again what is here is well maintained.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Nice_arragement007.jpg”>

Peg liked the milk cans with flower pots on top, “Oh isn’t that cute!”

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Bathhouse_and_Laundry008.jpg”>

The bathhouse was straight in front of you as you pull in so cant miss them. It also has the Laundry, recycle center and small pavilion.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Playground___our_site009.jpg”>

Our site as viewed from the playground area.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Peg_going_for_Sunday_paper0.jpg”>

These pictures were actually taken on Sunday, Peg found out they had a paper box with the Sunday paper, straight back to the camper to get money, I don’t blame her, she went from reading a paper every day to getting one once in a while. She really likes the Sunday paper.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Firstsite001.jpg”>

These next 2 were taken on Saturday before we went anywhere, truck is still in the disconnected position.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Firstsite003.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Firstsite004.jpg”>

As you can see, it is a little cooler here than when we left Windsor, CT.  Peg needed a jacket.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/The_Rock_oops011.jpg”>

Ok – yes I did a big OOPs. Did not swing out far enough and was watching a tree on the right side and should have been watching the BIG rock on the left.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Where_I_was_tring_to_go012.jpg”>

This is where I should have gone, as you can see I had plenty of room. Oh well mark it up to experience and the need to learn. Thankfully there was no damage to the unit and only a little lawn damage. the owners were real nice about it.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Typical_back_to_back_site01.jpg”>

This is a typical back to back camp site, however this one tends to be everyone’s short cut in and out.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Laundry_room014.jpg”>

The Laundry room is very clean and tidy.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mens_shower018.jpg”>

Bathhouse with pay showers, again fresh paint and very well maintained.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Sink_area016.jpg”>

Double sinks are nice during the busy times. Ya that’s me in the mirror, I haven’t figured out how to get pictures like this without getting myself.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Recycle_area017.jpg”>

The recycle area is neatly organized, with a container for each type item.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/up_the_road003.jpg”>

A look up the road toward Fairfax and the Interstate – overall a very peaceful place to spend sometime.