week in Vermont

Well time has passed so quickly – tommorow we head back to Ct.  We have had a wonderful time here – perfect weather – nice people and lots of fun.

On Sunday we went shopping for a few things that we needed for the camper.  Got a new rug for outside – this will stop bringing dirt in or at least I hope so.  We then came back and read – had a wonderful dinner – watched alittle tv and off to bed.  I have become very lazy in my old age – sleep until 9 most days but do not go to bed until 1 so I guess it is about the same – never could be at work again by 6am.  Wow what a life.

On Monday we went to the bank to pay off the truck – our title is in S Dakota so we really did not need to come here.  Oh well – always something funny happens.   We decided to go to the Shelburne Museum.  What an interesting place.  They have buildings to display different periods of life – an apothecary shop, general store from 1840, jail from 1890, meeting house from 1840, schoolhouse and loads of other buildings.  They had loads of displays of old toys, quilts, paintings, old circus parades – really different and interesting for anyone.  We enjoyed it greatly but were we tired.  Loads of walking and these old folks get tired.

On Monday night about 20 kids on bicycles came into the campground and set up tents.  They were very quite and well behaved.  On Tuesday morning Tim was outside hav ing his coffee and one of the girls in charge, Robin, asked him if he could take her and another girl to the hospital about 30 minutes away as the young girl fell on her first day out and got hurt.   We gladly told them we would – loaded the bikes in our truck and off to the hospital we went.  We enjoyed our talks with them on the way to the hospital – they told us that their trip started in Burlington Vt and would end in 2 weeks in Boston, Ma.  The kids come from all over the country – Robin was from Mn and the other girl (sorry forgot her name)  was from DC.  Coming back we were talking and missed our turn – we went about 30 miles out of the way.  Good thing Tim likes to drive.  We came back and had a lazy day – read, talked, surfed the internet etc.

Yesterday was a very interesting day – we started driving around the islands of Lake Champlain.  We stopped at a winery – Tim enjoyed a few samples – nothing sounded good to me.  I was not to impressed as we have toured Napa Valley – no comparision.  We then drove for miles – what a beautiful lake – stopped at an old fashioned general store that had everything you could think of from food to clothes.  We got two drinks and went and sat outside on picnic tables looking at the lake.  Beautiful site.  We watched about 10 kids getting ready to go out on a boat – they had at least 10 coolers and a keg of beer that their daddy provided.  I said to Tim – wow my dad never did that and we did not do it for our girls.  Then on to  North Hero State Park for a drive around to see what they offered.  It is a beautiful park 399 acres and sits right on the lake.  It would be a wonderful place to camp but no hookups – we like state campgrounds – lots of hiking trails plus they had a boat launch and beach.   We finished around the island and back to mainland – we were on the border and saw the border police.l  We decided to stop for pizza – it was really good.  I usually am wrong about directions so Tim does not listen to me to often but this time I was right.  He just laughed and went the way I told him.  It was a really nice day.

Today was cleaning day – cleaned the camper really good – took about 30 minutes while my old house took all day Saturday.  Kind of nice.  We also went and washed the truck – I even helped wipe it down which I have never done before.  Learning new jobs – sure  beats regular work.

Tommorow we will head back to Ct – Amanda and Josh fly in on Sunday.  Next week will be wonderful for us – we get to see both our daughters and all our grandchildren.  What could be better?  Promise to get pictures loaded of them next week.  We will be at Susan’s most days – will enjoy the pool and the kids.

Until next time enjoy your weekend.