Back in CT

This has  been a really good week – we got to see both our girls and all our grandchildren.  What more could anyone ask for?

We arrived in Ct on Saturday and just enjoyed a day of getting set up.  On Sunday we went to the airport and picked up Amanda and Joshua.  We had not seen them since Christmas so it was wonderful to get to see them and visit.  They were as exicited as we were.   We drove back to North  Branford and just sat around and talked.  Had a wonderful dinner of steak and mashed potatoes, corn, and mushrooms.  Really yummy.

On Monday we went to Susan and Jerrys house and got to see them and the girls.  We let Susan sleep (she had driven all night from Hilton Head) while Tim and Jerry worked in the yard and I swam with the kids.  Such fun as you all know I get along with children better than adults.  Julia loves the water as much as the other two – sticks her head under water and jumps of the side of the pool.  She is so grown up in so many ways.  All of them are part fish as they love to stay underwater.  At night we all had pizza and then  back to the campground – had our two glasses of wine and off to bed we went.

On Tuesday am Tim brought Josh and me to Susans house around 9 and we babysat all day.  We went swimming and played and had another wonderful day of fun.  Tim brought Amanda to Stamford for her work meetings and dropped her off.  After Susan and Jerry came home we went back to the camper and made dinner.  Enjoyed talking – to bed about 12.

On Wednesday we relaxed most of the morning and then in the afternoon went to Kensington to visit my sister Sharon, brother-in-law Wayne,  nephewJed and niece Bailey.  We had a wonderful dinner which was made by Jed.  They invited Joshua to spend the night which he enjoyed greatly.  Thanks guys for a wonderful visit.   

On Thursday we babysat and had so much fun.  We spent most of the day in the pool swimming – Jerry and Susan have a beautiful pool and we enjoyed it so.  After we went to Stamford to get Amanda and decided to have dinner in Greenwich before coming back.   Just went to a diner – loads of food and reasonable.  Nice day and evening.

Friday we relaxed all morning and then we went to Yale in New Haven to Peabody Museum Of Natural History.  This is such a wonderful place for children – I still had memories of going their as a child and was not disappointed – still as wonderful as I remembered.  Enjoyed the Dinosaur Exhibits – seeing all the animals – gems – birds – what a wonderful museum for all to visit and enjoy.    At night I went to babysat while Tim, Amanda and Josh went out to dinner – funny experience for them as they went to two restaurants for dinner.  Had a horrible dinner at the Japanese restuarant so they went for pizza.  I had fun babysitting for Julia and Emily – they are just so cute.  Gosh am I going to miss them – it has been wonderful since retiring as I got to see them a couple times a week.  Enjoy them so.

On Saturday over to Susan’s house again for a wonderful day in the pool.  Thanks Susan, Jerry, Emily and Julia for a wonderful week at the pool and wonderful company.  Dad and I will miss you all greatly.  Tim and I are truly blessed to have such wonderful children and grandchildren. 

Sunday was the day Amanda and Joshua left.  Poor Josh was really upset to leave grandpa.  Remember for 11 years he has been his idol – we all ended up teary eyed – even Tim.  Grandchildren and Children are so important to us – we know we were not always the best parents but God knows we love our children to death.  We are proud of you both – you have become beautiful women and have made us so proud.  They both are also wonderful mom’s with wonderful children.  Thanks Susan and Amanda for making us so proud.

We are now off going to South Dakota – will go out quite quickly and take our time coming back.  We might meet our friends in Dayton – they are on a trip in their motorhome.  Hope we will be able to connect.  We will be back in Connecticut in September to welcome our new grandchild.  God has blessed us so.

Please keep in touch – we enjoy hearing from you all.  

Tim is much slower doing the blog so hopefully you will have pictures soon.  I will nag him alittle (this will be hard for me) but I will try.  He took pictures which came out good of the grandkids.  As you all know I hate having my picture taken.