At Susan & Jerry’s Week of July 10, 2006

Ok – Ok, here are some pictures from our week at Susan and Jerry’s house. We start with Jerry mowing the lawn. I offered but I think he really likes doing it, especially when he has someone to watch the kids. Something we were more than happy to do.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3060.jpg”>

Now own to what you all came for, the Kids. Julia and Grandma.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3064.jpg”>

Here is miss Julia with that rare smile, that is rare when YOU want her too. Julia does what she wants, when she wants most of the time.
she is still a little doll.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3066.jpg”>

Ther is that “What are you doing” look

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3076.jpg”>

Almost a smile, well at least Garandma is!

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3078.jpg”>

Then there was Joshua, wonderfully willing to pose for a shot.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3079.jpg”>

Josh found that he could jump from the side of the pool on to a surf board and slide across the pool.

So here he is – take it away Josh!

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3086.jpg”>

Short trip, but as always quite a performance.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3088.jpg”>

Next, in their constant search for entertainment, Emily and Josh discovered that you could fill a noodle with water and blow in one end to shoot the water out quite far. Here they are trying to get Grandma and Julia.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3090.jpg”>

Emily looking like she just got caught with her hand in the cooke jar.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3101.jpg”>

And now we have found the pump discharge to the pool and what happens when we put our hands over it.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3104.jpg”>

Let’s try that one more time!!

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3105.jpg”>

Ok, that is enough of that fun!!!

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3108.jpg”>

Now he is tring to spray ME — just got out of the way.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3114.jpg”>

After all that pool, it was time for an ice cream break. Julia sure enjoys her ice cream.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3121.jpg”>

I finally got the grand kids to settle down and pose for a few shots, at first Julia did not want to have anything to do with it.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Emily_josh002.jpg”>

Ah but with a little encouragement from Emily and Josh, she decided to join in.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/thathree001.jpg”>

This one is a little better.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/thathree002.jpg”>

and again

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/thathree003.jpg”>

A little smaller, but just as cute, Thanks to Peg for spelling help.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/thathree004.JPG”>

These next few shots are going to get me in trouble because no one knew I was taking them.

First we have sleeping beauty on a raft.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3069.jpg”>

then a supprise visit from a movie star

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3107.jpg”>

and a surprised mother to be

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3123.jpg”>

We started this show with Jerry and it seems only fitting to end it with him.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/IMG_3124.jpg”>

Ok family just remember it is all in good fun —– I guess I will have to hide for a while.