Into Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa

Thursday morning we left quite early and started our long drive.  We drove into Ohio and our fun started.  First we turned the air conditioner off and smoke was coming out of the vents cuz it was so hot.  We got nervous at first but then Tim realized what was going on.  Next we pulled into a rest area for lunch and lo and behold we had a flat tire.  A nail was in the tire.  We had service come and change it – we had no jack for the camper – cost us $128 – so now we have road side service.  Cheap me did not want to pay for that – I rather have new clothes.
After this we decided to stop for the night in Fremont, Indiana at Yogi Bears Jellystone Park.  Bad new was that they only had a site for one night – we were hoping to stay thru the weekend. 

Jellystone is a wonderful campground – they have everything.  Waterslides, pool, indoor pool, kiddie waterpark, lake with beach, boats, fishing, cottages, store, snack bar, lighted ballcourts, playgrounds, mini golf, activities, and game room.  We took lots of pictures which will be posted later.  As we were looking at all this we wished our grandchildren were with us.  If you are a camper – this is a must park.  Little expensive – $50 a night put so nice.  We walked the complete campground and enjoyed it greatly.

Friday am we pulled out about 8 – and started our ride across Indiana.  We were almost to the border and I saw a sign for outlet malls so that is where we were headed.  Bought two pairs of shoes and 2 pairs of shorts as this is my wardrobe most days.  I have worn a dress once since retiring.  Wow  –   what a difference not getting dressed up each day.  Retirment is really hard – you go to bed when you wish and get up when you wish.  We still get up early some days – not that early but about 7. 

Our stop for the night was at a Whispering Pines in Marseilles, Illinois.  The campground was out in the boonies with nothing around but corn – kind of run down but we were ready to stop.  One thing nice about a trailer verus a tent – you really our self contained so you need nothing else.  We met a real nice couple with a hitchhiker camper (that is what we have) – they parked next to us and came over to visit for about an hour.  They are from Colorado – nice couple.

On Saturday am we left about 8 and decided to stop about 10:30 am.  We stopped at Interstate RV Park in Davenport Iowa and will be here until Thursday. 

After setting up we decided to ride and see what is here.  We found a huge grocery store that is employee owned – it was unbelievable – never saw one so big and with so  much variety.  We then went down by the water – took a rfide across an old brige and found the Mississippi River Visitor Center.  This is where they have the lock and dam tours and exhibits.  We were to late for the tour but signed up to come back tommorow and take the tour.  They will not let you go if you have shoes with no backs – lots of people could not join the tour.
So we took a ride – it is on the Rock Island Arsenal base for the army.  It is still an active base – if you know anything about the military the army is the only one that lets anyone ride thru.  We stopped at the exchange and got some wine – Tim bought a bottle for $3 but found out he wasted his money.  We left and went to one of the stores here near the campgound.  This store is not a chain and has alittle of everything – reminds you of stores years ago.  Really neat.  We came back to the campground and all of a sudden it started to rain.  Hail and everything flying all over the place.  I was scared to death.  Out here it is so flat that nothing stops the wind – it is really scary.  It lasted about 15 minutes and then stopped – sun came back out.  REally weird.  After dinner we took another walk thru the campground.

Today is Sunday – we went to the river to take our tour.  We watched a tug boat push 16 barges full of coal thru the locks.  How intersting this is – so different from anything we see near the water.  The tour was really good – explained how the locks work – if you ever get a chance take a tour – they are located from St Paul Mn to St Louis Mo on the Mississippi River.  After the tour we took a drive to the Davenport Home.  It was closed because of problems with keys so we left and went to see the display of altilary pieces used by the army during war world 2 right thru today.  They even had some they got in Iran that were Russian.  Really neat.  We also saw the National Cemetery and the Confederate Cemetery  –  just rows and rows of grave stones for miles – really touching to think all those people gave their lives for our freedom.   It was very hot so we came back to the trailer for awhile.  Then off to Best Buy to order direct tv.  Anyone that knows Tim knows he loves tv and the tv at campgrounds has alot to be desired.  We just hope they install it by Thursday.  Then to a super Target – it is a target with a complete  grocery store.  Really cool.  We tried calling Susan, Jerry and girls but no answer.  I miss talking to them so hope I will get to talk to them tommorow.  We went to dinner at the Shed which is a local restaurant.  Very good food – I had ribs – Tim had a pork chop that was 6 inches tall.  Never saw anything like it – very good food.  Back to our little home for coffee and then wine.  Now it is time to get ready for bed. 

We have taken more pictures so hope Tim will get them up soon – sorry he does not keep up with me.  I am younger so I am faster.  HaHa.