Monday in Iowa

Another hot day – 90 all day – it does cool down at night which helps, the sun was shining brightly and just felt really good.

We took a ride to a camper store to buy two new chairs.  Our chairs were kind of old and then Tim stepped on one and broke the arm rest into pieces.  I found a rocker that folds up and is very light – he just got a regular lawn chair that folds.  These are very hard to find today – quess everyone uses patio sets or beach chairs.  We also bought a rack to go on the back of the camper on the ladder to carry them.  This month has been quite expensive for us – needed alot of new stuff.  The chairs had to be ordered but will be in tommorow.

Forgot to tell you all two things that I saw here in Davenport.

One was a sign that said “Are you in heaven?  No you are in a laundry.”   I got so damn silly that I could not stop laughing.  Certain things just hit me and I cannot stop laughing.  My husband just looks at me like I am off my rocker which is not far from the truth.   

On Saturday we had a couple parked next to us from Southington Ct.  They were going back home after a rally here in Iowa.   Then tonight we took a walk in the campground and met a man from New Haven Ct.  They could not be brave so they rented their house for a year while trying it on the road full time.  What a small world.  You must be on your best behavior as you never know whom you will run into.  Hope to see more Ct people on the road.

Tim tried to get his direct tv set up and was on the line for two hours with  them.  People are just either dumb or do not care about pleasing customers.  He got so mad he canceled the service.  Anyone that knows Tim knows he is slow to anger (not like my irish and swedish temper) but gosh was he mad.  Hope that he will be able to find something to please him in the tv area.  As you all know I hate tv.  Maybe watch two programs a week so it does not affect me at all.

Talked to my brother Tom tonight.  He thought we had dropped off the earth as he has not heard from us.  Sorry that I have not called but cell coverage is not that great most places.  I was able to talk to him cuz we were in the car downtown Davenport.  Promise I will call you all someday – Sandy called the other night and I could not hear her.  Promised I would call her and I will Sandy someday.  Sorry guys.  Tom it was nice to hear from you and I hope you enjoy your vacation. 

Well time to read for awhile with my glass of wine before bed.  Until later

Well it is Tuesday night and just thought I would add alittle to this and post it tonight. Today was a beautiful day – weather wise – we took a ride to the camper store and picked up our chairs.  Then we rode alongside the river to Leclaire, Iowa.  According to the pamphlet they were suppose to have alot of good shops and Buffalo Bill Museum – what a disappointment.  The museum was about the history ofr LeClaire with things that were in use since we have been married.  Not much about Buffalo Bill – come to find out he was just born there and then lived elsewhere. 

On the way back we stopped at the visitor center and I picked up info about western Iowa where we will be headed on Thursday.  We then stopped in a local restaurant Thunder Bay Grille for lunch.  The sandwiches were wonderful – just wished I could have eaten more.  Also stopped to see about another system for tv for the camper.  Then back to home – cleaned the linen closet – my dresser drawers and then sat down and read for awhile.  Started to rain.  Tonight  I tried calling Susan again but no answer – then I called my sister Ann.  Enjoyed talking to her – keep in touch Ann.  Then Tim and I went for our walk but lighting and thunder started so we hurried back to our house.  Storms out here are very scary as it is so flat.  Well time to close – tommorow will be spent doing laundry and grocery shopping for our next leg of the journey.  Will let you all know where we end up on Thursday – Tim and I enjoy wandering so this is a perfect life for us.  Until next time