Wolf’s Campground

After 2 not so good campgrounds it was a real pleasure to find this one. The staff were very friendly and helpful. This place was very big, seemed to just go and go, over each hill we walked there was another group of campers.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Wolfscampground003.jpg”>
This was taken the morning we left and I had to contend with the rising sun, not the best for taking pictures.
The building to the left is the registration, store and refreshment center. The center building front part was the accounting office and the rear part was the bathhouse for the pool, very nice and clean.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Wolfscampground004.jpg”>

The building on the right is the arcade, it included several video arcade machines, pool tables, air hockey and fuss ball tables. As included was the rec gear checkout area.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Wolfscampground005.jpg”>

The pool is large and well maintained, although no lifeguard is on duty there were a lot of staff in the area and appeared to be acting as lifeguards.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Wolfscampground006.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Wolfscampground001.jpg”>

The site although on grass, was nice and level and easy to get into and out of. Not sure how it would be with some rain.

All in all a very pleasant one night stay.