Shelburne Museum

Well I am finally getting back to almost the beginning. Shelburne Museum was in Shelburne, VT, 45 Acres of different buildings and displays. As I understand it there is only one building that is original to the property. The rest were brought in as units or piece by piece and rebuilt to the original form using the original material. It has been a long long time since 12 and 14 inch wide boards were milled.

This is the welcome center where you get your tags for entry. Tags give you the privilege to do one heck of a lot of walking, on a bright warm sunny day, I would have done better in the spring or fall.

First up was this carousel, working and giving the kids a ride.

This is the center of the circus house it is a narrow house in the shape of a horse shoe and contains some original wooden animals from carousels and very intricate model of circus wagons. It was worth the time to see.

This is a circus wagon, with obviously fake horses, but original tack. It was at the left end of the house. We start at the right end behind the carousel.

These next few shots were on the center paddle wheeler the “Ticonderoga of Burlington”

On the forward deck they have simulations of the type cargo that would have been carried, the grub looked real but of course was not.

They even hauled cars and trucks on this beast.

This is the engine control room, main deck center.

The dining room was at the stern and very opulent. the stairs to the right lead to the galley.

AS you can see here both port and starboard wheels were driven from a single shaft and piston. It went up there quite a ways.

This looked interesting but I forgot just what it was, some type of equipment to make the ship go …… or not.

Yep, you guessed it, she was high and dry, had not touch water in a number of years

AS you can see this is the general store, in those days they meet general: dry goods, post office, apothecary, barber shop and all. 

this section was the apothecary on one side and

spices on the other side

On the way out they had this display of all kinds of barber shop stuff.

The apothecary also had a separate entry

The town meeting house, typical New England.

Although they said it was a meeting house, it sure looks like a church to me.

The carriage building

They had a lot of old carriages and wagons, too much dust for Peg she started coughing and had to get out of here.

They even had a print shop with a linotype machine and actually used it. They were on break when we got there.

This is the biggest shuttle weaving machine I have ever seen.

This is what I am use to seeing, size wise anyway.

This is the town jail, I think it was actually in use until the fifties.

Don’t know what this is , I was getting really tired

Now this was a very nice spice (kitchen) garden.

This was just for Amanda, she really likes boxes……………..I think!

This was just a cool shot.

The old school house

Does anyone remember these desks ……….. I didn’t think so!

Ha …. had to take the student out of it, too modern.

Checkout those speed limits

They even dug up an old lighthouse.