Omaha, NE

Ok YES I am jumping way way ahead, but for a good cause. My lovely wife has been saying for months now, maybe years, that there are never any pictures on me. My response has always been “that is because I am taking the pictures”. A few days ago she asked where my old Nikon was, Uh Oh now I am in trouble, I had to tell her we had it in the basement. Her response was OH, which means in wife speak, get it out as soon as you can, if not sooner. She will say that is not true, but we all know it is!!

Well today was the first day she used it, NOT surprising she did quite well, but there I was caught on the scene.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP1.jpg”>
This display we stumbled onto somewhere downtown Omaha, these next few shots were Peg’s first use of the camera, as you can see they really are very good.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP2.jpg”>

Except for this one, not my best side.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP3.jpg”>
This is quite good

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP4.jpg”>

Not my best side again, nice try though

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP5.jpg”>

Yes now you can see that she is not traveling alone, but she just can not seem to get my best side.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP6.jpg”>

some more very good shots

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP7.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/OhamaP8.jpg”>
And here is the buffalo

As you can see from the next few shots mine are really not that much better.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama001.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama002.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama003.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama004.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama005.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama006.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama007.jpg”>

Peg asked why do they always show the women walking, any answers??

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama008.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama011.jpg”>

This was to show “How life like they really are”.
Doesn’t she look cool with her camera?

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama009.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Ohama010.jpg”>

This was the last and possibly only pictures on Omaha, It was HOT only later did we realize that it was 101 with the humidity it felt like 115. The AC in the truck could barely cool it down.