omaha nebraska

We left  Davenport Iowa on Thursday am and drove across the state of Iowa stopping for a lunch break and gas.  It is nice having the camper – stop at a rest area and go back to the camper and make us a sandwich and chips then fruit.  We got to Omaha Nebraska about 2 and stopped at Offut Air Force Base Fam Camp.  This is a military base campground and quite nice.  We have a nice site with full hookups – has a lake – baseball – picnic area, boats and fishing.   We set up and noticed a problem with our camper.  Seems the axle has flipped and we cannot leave until it is fixed.  Always something to keep us on our toes.   Took a ride to the exchange and commisary on Thursday.  When we came out the phone rang and it was Susan. She let Julia talk to me for about 10 minutes – she is so darn funny – she talked a mile a minitue and half of what she said I could not understand.  I loved every minitue of it though.  Back to the campground for an easy dinner – cereal with strawberries.  Later that night Emily called me and we talked for quite a while.  She is really talkative and enjoyable – old enough to talk and enjoy the whole thing.  She is such a doll – miss them so.

Friday was a day of talking to the factory about the camper and the problems.  Tim is really good about keeping his cool and talking to them about the problem without loosing it.  Nothing like me.  A mechanic came out and looked at it but would like to talk to the experts before doing anything.  Our neighbors are a couple from South Dakota – seems he was stationed at Hamilton Air Force Base back in 1976 when we were.  What a small world.
Today, Saturday, we took a ride to the exchange and then to the package store.  Got some wine – new toothbrush and then took a ride downtown Omaha.  Really interesting as you can see by the pictures Tim has posted.  It was much to hot to be out so we decided to come back to the campground.  Hope you all notice I took pictures of Tim – told him people would think I was traveling alone as no pictures of him – just me – payback – my girls will love this.  He has always done pictures of us doing dumb things – payback time. 

Tonight it got a little cooler – 95 instead of 100 so we went for a small walk.  I was really silly as I had gas and kept farting.  As anyone whom knows me I do not do this – but I could not stop and everytime I farted I laughed.  Tim really thinks I am crazy – he said you just ignore it and noone will know.  Of course me cannot do that – I laughed like crazy.  Back to the campground – reading a real good book “Yours Until Dawn” by Teresa Mederios.  Excellent reading – please try it. 

We will be here for awhile until we are fixed to travel and then will have to go to a dealer and make sure everything is okay.  Just think of how mad you get when your car breaks – then think of us and it is our home.  Tim and I are trying to stay cool about it.  Retirement has really helped me calm down. 

Until later take care and think of us – enjoy the hot weather – go swimming or air conditioned malls.