Another hot day in Nebraska

I deo not know what happened but both Tim and I got up at 5am today.  Really weird as we have been sleeping much later.  We both took showers and then sat and read until the sun came out.  It is going to be another day in the 100’s.

We took a ride and went all thru the base – the air force has huge bases as there is an air field also – interesting to ride around and see what they have.  We then went into the commisary to get half and half and a few minor items.  If you do not know this is really a grocery store on base.

This afternoon we took a ride to Bass Pro Shop.  If you have never been in one – please do when you see one.  It is unbelievable.  We have been in quite a few but enjoyed walking around.  They have fishing, hunting, marine, gifts, sportswear, shoes, camping items.  They also have an 18000 gallon aquarium stocked with fish.  Tim was looking for a new grill – he cannot get used to a one burner one – wants one with two burners.  No luck in that area today.  I did find 2 pairs of shorts – this is my wardrobe most days.  Very easy and comfortable in such hot weather.

Tonight Susan sent more pictures of my granddaughters.  They are just beautiful – Julia actually sparkles – Emily is more reserved.  Girls grandma and poppy love you both and miss you so.  We also miss Joshua.

Hopefully tommorow they will figure out how to fix our camper.  Little worried about it all but trying to keep my cool – We might have to change our plans of where we go depending on what needs to be done.  Will keep you informed.