Interstate RV Park, Davenport, IA

Interstate RV was a planed stop for us but not for them, as it worked out we wanted to stay from Saturday until Thursday and they did not have a regular site, only the ones they used for overnight, we took it. The site was a little close but adequate for us.

This was a most appropriate welcome sign considering that Iowa produces 1/4 of all the pork in the USA.

The registration building.

The swimming pool, the only time we saw anyone in it was the last night we were there. For some reason we never did use it……….go figure?

I have no idea what this little building is but off to the left was the coolest toy I have seen. It is a backhoe in a sand box that you sit on and one handle you turn the rig and the other you operate the digger. I can see a kid having a lot of fun with it.

These next shots are of the regular sites, they had quite a few.

Here are half of the overnight sites, our’s was the last one. Although our right side was very close, we did have a nice tree and grass area on the left side that came in handy a couple of times.

Our site from the rear, I am not refering to Peg’s.

Front shot of the site, notice how close the motor home is?

Iowa is flat, corn and soy bean fields, as Peg says “boring”. However it does produce absolutely beautiful sunsets.

A different time.

A different day.