Monday in Nebraska

Today we were suppose to get our rv fixed – well the guy never showed up.   Tim called him about 10 times and no answer.  Guess he dropped off the face of the earth.  We found out we need to move the camper and bring it about 20 miles down the road to be fixed.  Alittle worried about moving – hope nothing else happens.  Sure hope this will be covered by warranty. 

Another hot day – spent most of the day inside.  Finished my book and then took it to the office and did a book exchange.  Most campgrounds have book exchanges which makes it quite nice. 

So in the morning we will be pulling out – depending when they get the camper fixed will be the deciding factor of where we go next.  If it is late we will return to this campground for the nite – otherwise we will start up the road towards South Dakota. 

Cannot believe we have been on the road for a month now.  It has been filled with wonderful things and some not so wonderful but part of life.  Tim and I still have our sense of humor and can laugh about most things.  We have not killed each other yet and are still enjoying each other.

Will let you know what happens with our camper tommorow night.