South Dakota – our new home state

Well Tuesday am we got up by the alarm clock.  This is really different as most days we get up when we wish.  It was pouring rain so we got the camper ready to move.  I did the inside stuff (cannot get wet cuz I will melt) and Tim did the outside.  We got it all hooked up and left about 6:45 am.  Arrived at the suspension shop at 7:30.  At 8 the guys showed up and told us to drop the camper and they would call.  Not much is open so we rode around and tried to get lost – I know we are weird.  At 9:30 they called and said we needed new springs and bolts – cost us $211.  Not bad – I was really worried that it would be alot more. 

We were on the road at 10:20 and drove thru Iowa into South Dakota.  Stopped for lunch at a nice rest area – had roast beef sandwiches and chips.  Went into the welcome center and the lady was so helpful – told us everything to see in South Dakota.  This is the first time we were supplied with all kinds of things to do without asking.  Only one thing – bike week starts here and there is 10,000 bikes – yikes.

We drove into Mitchell and parked at the R&R campground – staying for a wek at $16.20 a night.  Not bad.  The park is nice – has a swimming pool, store, laundry and pretty nice sites.  When we got here it was pouring – so again I stayed in the camper while Tim did all the grunt work.  Sorry honey that I will melt or I would be happy to help.

After getting set up we went out to dinner at Steak N More.  Had a nice candlelit dinner – then back home for a relaxing night of tv and reading.

Wednesday am we got ready and drove to Emery South Dakota.  This is our new home address – we met the people whom will be handling our mail.  Super folks – so friendly and helpful.  We had quite abit of mail as we have not gotten any since leaving Ct.  We then drove to Alexandria and got new tags for the camper.  Then back to Mitchell for our drivers licenses.  I almost flunked – they only give you an eye exam and I had been wearing sunglasses and my eyes had not adjusted to regular glasses.  The lady was super nice and let me do it 3 times and I finally made it.  As Tim said – she had your license from Ct – if you flunked you could not drive.  We then stopped for a quick lunch. 

Stopped in at Cabelas to look around.  This is another large outfitter for the outside activies.  Loads of fishing, camping, hunting gear.  They have a huge display of animals that are stuffed.  Have deer, bear, polar bear, beavers, owls, mountain sheep – it was just beautiful,  Felt like a little kid – this little boy was so excited that he got me going.  Really cool.  They also have fish tanks with all kinds of trout, bass etc.  Nice store.  We only bought Tim a belt.  Onto Menards (this is like home depot but nicer) where we got a new grill and a tiny table to go between our chairs.  Grocery shopping – then dairy queen – then back home.  We relaxed for awhile – ate dinner – went for a walk and sat outside for quite some time.  The weather here is cooler – dropped down to 50 from 100 – what a drop but felt so good.  The nights are cold – the days warm.  Perfect weather for sleeping with no air.  Love it – that 100 degree weather is not for me and I like warm weather.  That is to hot to enjoy anything. 

Today was cleaning day – we pulled everything out of the basement and rearranged – plus threw out some stuff – why did we bring a bread machine?????  A guy at the campground took it and gave Tim $10 – Tim said no but he insisted.  I also cleaned my little house – washed floors – made up bed – dusted – took all of an hour.  Love it.

We have decided we will start back into Minnesota next week and come to South Dakota when the bikers are gone.  I have nothing against them but all the campgrounds are full.  South Dakota has the nicest people – everyone is friendly and helpful.  We will be back in Ct on Sept 14.  Hope to get to see some of you during those two weeks.  Until later