Corn Palace and Mitchel SD

Aha – Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota what do you see? CORN, CORN and more CORN, ya on an occasion you get to see fields and fields of soybeans. As the story goes when Lewis and Clark came through here they wrote that it was a desolate country and they did not believe anything could grow here. This did not sit well with the locals, so they all got together and built the first Corn Palace in 1892 and another one in 1912, the current one is number three, built in 1921 and is built of concrete and steel, it is not going to burn down!

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace019.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace016.jpg”>
This years theme was a salute to Rodeo. Inside is actually a stadium where concerts, rock stars and basket ball is played during winter months. It has several corn murals that are not changed, just a little upkeep. Oh ya, because the outside is all natural corn it is the largest bird feeder in the world.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace008.jpg”>
The above series of panels depict the way of life from left to center the settlers and from the right the Indians both meeting in the center in friendship. Each panel represents housing, food and spirituality.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace006.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace007.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace004.jpg”>
Panning for gold

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace005.jpg”>
Hunting the pheasant

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace003.jpg”>
Planting corn together
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<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Corn_Palace001.jpg”>

Peace pipe
<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD001.jpg”>
Peg waiting on me to finish taking pictures, she is so patient.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD002.jpg”>
A little shopping area across from the palace.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD003.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD004.jpg”>
Peg made friends with the local Indians

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD005.jpg”>
Although neither one looks happy about it.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD007.jpg”>
So she tried a local prospector

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD006.jpg”>
They both look a little happier

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD008.jpg”>
One thing that we have noted is there is no shortage of gambling places. Even the gas stations are casinos.

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD011.jpg”>

<IMG src="/images/27083-25735/Mitchell_SD010.jpg”>
A final look at the corn palace