Mitchell South Dakota

Friday we took a ride into town to the Corn Palace.  If you look at Tim’s blog you will see pictures of it.  It is quite neat – this year they are not changing the corn outside because of the heat and all the ruined corn.  Kind of sad to see it all dried out – this is the reason we do not see good corn.  
In  the afternoon we took a ride to the hospital as my husband ran out of pills.  You would not believe it – noone in the hospital emergency room at all.  The nurse talked to us about the area – then the doctor came in and told us many storiies about this state.  He is a local doctor – so he is a true native.  He had us laughing so hard about Sturgis and the motorcycles.   100,000 bikers go each year to a little sleepy town that has nothing the rest of the year.  He told us the highway patrol lead the parade with a jack daniels truck and 100’s of motorcycles.  Every once in a while they would stop and everyone got a drink.  As he said where else but in South Dakota would you see the highway patrol leading a drinking party. 

This am we were going to have breakfast and realized our cereal was quite low.  There is a restaurant right on the campground so we went there for breakfast.  They serve coffee cake instead of toast with your eggs.  Very different but very good.  We then went looking for a post office.  Mailed out a few things – had a phone bill and my last electric light bill to pay – now we only will have to pay insurance and phone.  Very different – course we use lots of money on gas.  Hope it does not go any higher.  It is 3.09 for diesel.  Wow.  We then went to the Friends of the Middle Border Museum of american indian and pioneer life.  It is located on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University.  They have displays of native american artifacts dating back to the early 1800’s.  They have displays of the tools, furniture, an actual wagon train, indian clothes – really very interesting.  We are getting alot of history lessons in this way of life today.  You can amost see the pioneers moving across this barren land, setting up camp and their hardships.  It is very flat and the wind blows so hard – wonder what it is like here in the winter with the snow blowing.  One thing for sure is everyone is very helpful and friendly.  Much slower pace of life – quite different from Connecticut.    Not to many towns or much nice shopping – I have not seen a Talbots at all, your shopping is kmart or walmart.   I never could live here not enough shopping for me..

Then we went to a super walmart.  I had never been in a super store – they even sell meat – have a deli – (Amanda they even had Land Of Lakes White Cheese) – all kinds of food.  They also had wine and liquor right in the store.  You can buy it whenever you wish – Sunday, 2am in the morning.  Really different and pretty good prices.  We only needed 1/2 and 1/2 but did end up with more cheese.  Back to our little home – sat outside and read for awhile.  I am reading Hearts Divided by Debbie Macomber, Katherine Stone and Lois Faye Dyer.  It is a very good book – about modern life but grandmom telling you about the war years.  Highly recommended for anyone that likes to read.

Tommorow we might go the prehistoric Indian Village and archeodome.  Sounds kind of interesting – all depends on the day and how we feel. 

Still loads of motorcycles around – saw one with a little trailer on the back that opened up to a camper.  Really cool.  The Sturgis rally starts on Monday so guess we will see them for a few more days.  Wonder what this area is like when they are not here??????

Until later