Mitchell SD/Sunday and Monday

Sunday am we got up early and sat and read.  Then took a walk to the gas station to get a paper – still like to read the Sunday paper – read parts of the Courant each day on the internet.  I look for heart warming stories – skip the war and murder stories – sick of reading about them.  That is all that is on the news.

After lunch we sat outside and read and both of us were getting sleepy so I said lets take a ride to the lake.  They have a beautiful lake that is quite large – we stopped at the beach and starting taking some pictures.  Their were two couples and a few children down by the boat dock.  One of the ladies started talking to us – asking where we were from etc.  She loved the idea we were fulltimers so she gave us lots of hints.  She said to go to the black hills of South Dakota in September when all the kids are back in school.  Prices drop and it is beautiful.  She was very informative and we enjoyed our chat.  She also told us that in the last few years they have not gotten much snow at all – I always think of this state as covered in snow all winter.  She told us they were in the black hills for Christmas and sat on the deck in 70 degree weather.  As I have said before everyone is extremely friendly – from the grocery store to the gas stations.   We then took a ride around the lake looking at the beautiful homes.  This is the first place we have seen huge homes – most are small homes with no yards.  Remember the average income is $22,000 and most of the land is for farms.    How do they live – we make more in retirement.   Being near the water is still an american dream but only the rich manage to do that. 

Planned on having leftovers but Tim decided he needed a pizza.  Of course if I get out of cooking why would I complain.  So off to Pizza Hut we went.  The place was packed – still lots of motorcycles around so still crowded in alot of places.  The pizza was great – had sausage and mushrooms.  
At night we took our daily stroll around the campground.  You would not beleive all the beautiful motorhomes – we still wonder where people get all this money.  They sure did not work for ING or Reddington Counters.  It is really unbeleivable.  We had a couple next to us from Arizonia orginally but now fulltime and he told him that they would love to go to New England someday but it is too crowded.  That is what most people think – guess they only heard of I-95.  Not a fair picture – just likie most people think New York is only the city and New Jersey is only the area right over the George Washington bridge.  Narrow minded guys.

Today is another beautiful day – cool nights and warm days.  We are going to register to vote and then see if we have any mail.  Our plans are to leave here in the morning and head east stopping in Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a few days.  They have pretty waterfalls and also are having a fair.  Something different.  When we leave their we will take state roads thru Minnesota so we can see more of the true state.  As I have said – highways do not give you a feel for the area.  

Tim has been fixing the camper all morning – seems like we have a slow leak in our air bags.  As he says it is no different than a stick house – always something.  Thank goodness he is handy – he can do most things if he has the correct tools.  Glad I married a smart guy!!!!!