Sioux Falls South Dakota

We left Mitchell South Dakota about 10 today.  It was nice and cool but as the day progressed it got much hotter.  We arrived in Siuoux Falls about 11 am and went to a campground were we had made reseravations.  We got there and were so disappointed.  It was a poor campground with mostly people that lived poorly all the time.  Not a place for me.  We decided to continue on and pay for the night – that is one bad thing about making reservations.  Oh well.  Stopped for gas and wandered around and found the Great Plains Zoo
What a find.  It cost us $13.81 and it was just wonderful.  Tim will add pictures later – did you ever see an anteater?  Very different animal to say the least.  Saw bears, tigers, foxes, camels, rhinos, monkeys, pengyuins, bears, asian cats, etc.  This was a wondferful stop – both Tim and I enjoyed it so.

After leaving the zoo we drove to I-90 and checked into the Yogi Bear Camp Resort in Brandon, South Dakota.  It is a real nice campground – little expensive but nice.  We checked in for two days.  Tim would like to see the Falls here in Sioux Falls and then we will travel on to Minnesota. 

Once we arrived at the campground I could not log onto my computer.  Tim had to do alot of work on it and finally got it working late.  Denise promise to call you tommorow.  I know you were waiting for me tonight but it got just to late to call anyone. 

I have been reading a very good book called “No Other Man” by Shannon Drake – very good.  Easy reading and a real good love story.  As you all know I love reading and have found many wonderful books.  Almost time to hit the book store again.  Alot of campgrounds have book exchanges. 

Tonight after dinner of steak, baked potato and corn on the cob we took a walk around the campground.  Nice and clean with alot of nice campers.  It is great exercise – I need to lose some weight. 

Oh almost forgot to tell you two things.  One we talked to Susan last night and she told us that Julia removed all the keys off her computer while she was sleeping.  asked her dad what to do.  Tim and I laughed so hard when we hung up – she is just so full of the devil – love it. Julia keep up the good work -grandma and grandpa love you so.  Emily is a wonderful girl but very perdictable like her mom.  Julia is just so differnet. Love it. 

Also this amn when I was brushing my teeth my tooth cracked and lost half of one.  Now I must find a dentist to get it fixed.  Always something.
Enjoy writing my blog and keeping you all informed of our travels.  Keep reading and enjoy – also give us some comments so we can make this more enjoyable for all.