Our last day in South Dakota

Today was our last day in South Dakota – tommorow we will start back east.  We have changed our route again – will explain later.

We got up at 9, showered, had a cup of coffee, made bed, did dishes and cleaned bathroom.  the rest of the day is for relaxing – what a life.

We decided to go to Falls Park in Sioux Falls today.  It is a beautiful park with magnifient rock formations created by the Big Sioux River.  The water falls are pretty neat – the park covers 42 acres and has many areas to view the falls.  They have a nice cafe, a visitor information center with a 5-story viewing tower.  We took loads of pictures up here.  Even got shots of the Slaughter houses – that is really different for us east coast people.  Wish they allowed you to tour this but not possible.  We saw the big John Morrell & Company plant.  The company was started in 1827 and is the oldest continously operating meat manufacture in the United States.  This plant is the fresh pork operation.  Looks like most people from this city work there.  This is the largest city in the whole state of South Dakota. 

We then jumped on the Sioux Falls Trolley and had a wonderful tour of the city.  We got off once and walked in the downtown area – had lunch and then got back on the trolley.  The driver tells you all about the town – very interesting and the best thing we did not spend a dime today except for lunch.  Onthe sidewalks all thru the town are statues of people – one was a little boy eating an ice cream cone with his dog looking up at him.  Tim took alot of pictures of these also – he is really into pictures. 

Stopped at the grocery store and then the package store.  Wine supply getting alittle low.  We bought some chicken kabobs for dinner – corn on the cob – and I will make some coleslaw.  Good dinner for very little work.

Tommorow we will head to St Paul MN – Tim’s brother is flying in from Boston for the weekend so we will get to spend some time with him.  We will stay in St Paul until Tuesday morning.  They have a swedish musuem which I would like to tour.  As you all know I am part swedish so this will be interesting for me.  I need to do some research of other things we can do while in that area. 

I have received lots of notes from people telling me how much they enjoy our site.  I am glad that you get to travel with us – pictures are coming.  Like I said before I am quicker – only fooling – Tim works hard to get the pictures just right.

Just finished my book “No Other Man” by Shannon Drake.  It takes place in the Dakota badlands with the Sioux Indians.  Very different book – tells a wonderful story about the west being settled.  Going thru books very fast  –  almost time to hit the book store again. 

Well Tim wants me to finish this blog and go for our walk.  Think he wants me to loose some weight – always making me walk – but as I always said he never wanted a fat wife and I never wanted a bald husband.  We both just laugh cuz both of these things has happened.  Until later