Woodbury MN

We were up early this am for our trip into MN.  We left South Dakota about 9 and drove into Mn via route 90.  We then took 35 North – pretty land but kind of boring. All you see is corn growing – and if not corn then soy beans.  Gets kind of boring after awhile.  Enjoy the midwest but not the scenery.  I kept yawning – told Tim it was cuz I had to get up before 9.  – Tough life.

We stopped at a rest area once we reached Mn and got loads of information about Northern Mn.  After leaving this area on Tuesday we will go north to Duluth, MN. Sounds like a cool city.  We also stopped for lunch at a rest area and I made sandwiches and chips.  Tasted very good.

After setting up we took a ride to walmart – needed to buy a small step stool – as you all know I am short and the drop out of our door is to steep for my short legs.  Got a nice step stool – just like the one I got rid of before leaving CT.  We then took a short ride to see what the town offered.  They have a mall just like Evergreen – same stores – just rode by – controlled myself and did no shopping.

Got back to the camper and I was exhausted.  Laid down on our bed for awhile and then got up and had cereal for dinner.  Too tired to cook – wow what has happened to me??????

After dinner sat outside and talked to our neighbor.  They are a family from California moving to St Paul area due to job transfer.  Very nice –  Then we took a walk around the campground.  Really nice campground – St Paul East RV Park.  Loads of pretty flowers all over  –  really pretty. 

Kara and Bruce had a baby girl today.  So happy for them – it is their first and they are a super couple.  Best of luck with that little girl.  Hope I will get to see her when I reach CT.

Tim talked to Ray tonight – they are still in Arizonia so we will wait to see them when we arrive back in Ct.  Called Amanda and then read for awhile.

Tommorow we will pick up Jeff from the airport and then go to the Mall of America for Dinner.  Sounds kind of nice – need to change our outfits to business casual.   Wow this is different.  Our dress is normally shorts and tee shirts –

I would like to visit The American Swedish Institute while here.  It is located in Minneapolis and tells the story of gthe swedish immigrants journey to a new life in the midwest.  Sounds kind of interesting.  Hope I will get to see it – also would love to go to the horse races.  I used to go to them years ago and loved it – then I married Tim and he does not like to gamble.  He likes to spend his money on things – maybe I will be able to talk him into it.  Will keep you informed.