Weekend in Woodbury MN

Woodbury is like a suburb of St Paul – this place is huge with highways going every which way and shopping everywhere.  Thank goodness for our GPS and Tim as I would be lost.

Friday morning was cleaning day – got my little house cleaned and then went to the shopping center.  Tim was getting a haircut so I just walked and walked – the mall is like Corbins Corner – just larger – it is really weird to be at shopping malls and nothing you want to buy.   This gave me my exercise for the day – walked fast – still have not lost a pound but Tim has dropped a whole pants size – is that fair???????  I have no room for anything else – most get rid of something before I acquire something new.  Really curbs my spending.

Around 7 we left and went to the airport to pick up Jeff.  We circled the airport three times and finally saw him.  We saw him in Boston in June so this is really different as we normally see him maybe once a year or everyother year.  We went to Mall of America – this is really a beautiful mall – has over 520 stores – 50 restaurants – indoor amusement park – it s really something to see.  We went to a really nice restaurant called Napa Valley Grille.   The food was just wonderful – we had a $90 bottle of wine – appetizers and then dinner.  Stuffed ourselves but gosh was it worth it.  We were in the restaurant for about 2 1/2 hours and they let us take our time.  Really like that as we had time between each course – got breathing room and plenty of time to talk.

After dinner we went back to the camper and just talked.  To bed about 12:30.

Saturday am we got up early and Tim and Jeff went to have his car fixed.  I stayed at the camper and called Denise – it was great talking to her – it has been just to long.  Remember to keep in touch – will get to Texas one of these days and will drop in to visit.  Always enjoyed talking to her and even after all this time it was great.  When the guys got back we left and met Mary and Barry for pizza in St Paul.  The pizza was great and the company was wonderful.  Thanks guys for a nice day.

We then went to Jeff’s storage unit – what a laugh that was.  Took us about an hour to find it – I was laughing so hard – Jeff was alittle frazzled.  We got one box out and then came back to the camper to relax. 

Today up early and took Jeff to the airport for his flight home.  We got about 45 minutes away and the phone rang – he forgot his phone.  Guess we will mail it to him.  We went to cosco and bought coffee and peanuts and then returned home as it was pouring – after lunch decided to watch the movie “flightplan” with Jodie Foster.  The movie is about an aircraft flying 40,000 feet in the air and her 6 year old daughter vanishes.  No one on the plane believes her – they think she is nuts.  A real action thriller and same good work from Jodi Foster – she is such a good actress..

Made swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes for dinner.  Really good – we then took a walk around the campground.  We will be here until Tuesday am and then will head north to Duluth on Lake Superior.  Everyone tells us it is beautiful their and so much to do.  Will let you know.