Duluth, MN

It is Tuesday am and time to move again to a different location.  This is one thing really nice about having your home behind you – go where you want – when you want.  Don’t like the weather – move – do not like your neighbors – move.   We got up and started to get the camper ready for traveling.  The man next to us came over to ask us a question – poor thing was new to camping and had no idea how to light his hot water heater – wife wanted a hot shower.  He also could not light his automatic lighter – Tim took the time to explain a few things to him to make the process easier.  We finished around 10 and hit the road north.  Stopped at the Buffalo Valley Camping in Duluth Mn.  It is about 10 miniutes from downtown Duluth.  They have a full service restaurant – bar – softball complex besides the campground.

Got all set up – I am learning how to help Tim alot more now – slow learner – but learn after awhile.  We then talked to our neighbor.  They are from Mn and spend the whole season here as her husband works construction.  They go home on weekends.  Very nice lady.  Then into the camper for lunch – had ham sandwiches on small little buns with coleslaw and chips. 

We then took a ride into Duluth – at first I was alittle disappointed as I had heard so much about this place and it was not what I imagined.  Finally found the good area – parked the truck and started walking.  We found the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center.  This site is run by the corps of engineers and the most visited museum on Lake Superior.  We watched the  world-famous Aerial Lift Bridge open.  This looks like an elevator moving up and down – pretty cool.   Huge ships come thru – one that arrived was the American Fortitude which loads grain for General Mills, she will take this to Buffalo – pretty interesting stuff. 

We then took a walk along the walking path and observered the water from many angles.  This is the largest fresh water lake in the world.  It is also the farthest inland seaport but over 1100 vessels drop anchor each year.  Their was an old building leaning in the water – alot of people swam out onto the site and jumped off into the water.  Looked kind of cool but as you get older you loose that spirit of adventure. 

Stopped for drinks – only a coke and coffee – and then hopped onto the trolley.  This one cost 50 cents and did not give any talks but this way you get to see what the city has to offer. Kind of interesting.  Got back to the truck and took a ride to a park – had alot of soccer fields – thought of Emily and Jerry – beach – boat docks.  We then stopped for dinner at Grandma’s Sports Garden.  I had a New York Cheese Steak and Tim had a Bonotta.  This looked like a pizza that was rolled – really strange but he said it was great.  We then walked for while and looked at the old coast guard ship and other boats in the harbor.  Amanda called during this time so talked to her for a few minitues.  Our cell phone does not work at the campground so it will be hard to keep in contact with people this week.  Back home for a glass of wine and to bed about 12. 

Up today at 6:30 by alarm clock.  We are not used to this at all – enjoy getting up when I wish – as you all know I have gotten pretty lazy – sleep late – Tim is still and early riser – well not that early any more.  Told him today I have no idea how I used to be at work by 5 – what was wrong with me.  As my girls used to say – mother no one in their right mind gets up at that hour.  Guess they were correct again.    I am going to the dentist at 8:30 downtown Duluth to get my tooth fixed.  No dental coverage so it cost me $189.  Dentist Melanie Meier in Duluth is an excellent dentist.  As you know I am scared to death of dentist – she did a good job and did not hurt me at all.  Thanks so much.  I feel kind of normal again –

We then took North Shore Scenic Drive up to Two Harbors.  They have a place with old train engines that were interesting plus a Lighthouse which is now a bed and breakfast.  The lighthouse was builit in 1891 and has a lighthouse – assistant keepers house – fog horn signal building and a skiff house.  It was kind of interesting – we were in the coast guard and had friends whom lived at a lighthouse so nothing new for us.  Stopped for lunch and got a pork sandwich – very good. It was not what we expected but very good.  Funny how different things are in different parts of the country.  We then got back to our little home and were exhausted.  So we laid down and fell asleep for 2 1/2 hours. Lazy us but it felt good.  Got up and made dinner – had red potatoes, green seasoned beans and a good steak.  Really good dinner – then had a cup of coffee.  Now I am playing on the internet and will then have wine and peanuts before bed time.  Very interesting day – we keep pretty busy and see quite alot.

Tommorow we will be going to see the Great Lakes Aquarium and then the Great Lkes Floating Maritime Museum.  Friday am we will leave and start east into Wisconsin.  No definite plans where we are going or what we are doing – just wandering.  See ya all later.