Thursday and Friday in Duluth MN

Thursday we got up around 8 – took showers and got ready for another day full of activities.  We left our little home about 9:30 and drove to Spirit Mountain Rec Area.  They call this area some of the best sking this side of the rockies.  They sure have not seen Vermont.  During the summer they have villas for rent – campground – hiking trails and a lodge.  Tim took a few pictures cuz you can see Lake Superior from a distant. 

We then drove into Duluth to the Great Lakes Aquarium.  This is one of the largest fresh water aqauariums in the country.  One of the things that I enjoyed was the otters – they are such showoffs.  These were frest water otters but brought back memories of Sea Otters in Monterey California when Susan was little.  Tim used to go scuba diving and Sue and I amused ourselves with the otters.  They love attention – the more you give the more they show off.  At the aquarium they also had baby sturgeons and stingrays that the children touched.  Brave little souls – not for me.   It was kind of interesting but decidied no more aquariums unless we hit Chattanooga Tn again.  This is the  best aquarium in the country.

We had paid $3 just for parking so we left the truck and wandered down by the water.  We boarded the SS ‘William A Irvin Ore Boat – this boat carried millions of tons of iron ore for about 40 years.  The size was unbelievable.  We stopped in Little Angies Cantina for lunch.  Of course I do not like Mexican food but even Tim said it was alful.  Cost us $21 and not good – we are getting very critical in our old age – want good food for our hard earned money.

We did stop into a chocolate factory, Rocky Moutain Fudge Company – and bought some fudge.  Very good – but very fatteining.

We then took a ride into Superior Wisconsin – went to a camper store – package store and grocery store.  Got all our shopping done – back home to a dinner of Chicken, cheese and noodle dish and corn.  Very good day but kind of tired.  We decided to spend one more day here and just relax.  We are not on a fast trip – stop and enjoy the journey. 

So this am Tim got up at 8:30 and lazy me got up at 10 – wow it is a hard life.  Cleaned my little house – played on the internet and read for awhile.  Reading a good book – “No Other Love” by Shannon Drake.  It is a sequel to the last one I read.

We took two walks around the campground for exercise.  Pretty big campground and quite nice.  Back home to a dinner of leftovers.  We will try to be up early to get a good start.  We will travel into Wisconsin and then into Michigan.  No reservations anywhere – will just see what we find. 

Emily I hope you are enjoying your show- really sorry Grandmom and Poppy could not be with you.  This is one time I do not like this life style – must have good with the bad.  We do love and miss ya all.