The last week

Will try to get caught up now – did not have dependable internet or phone service.  Finally got it on Friday and then my computer crashed.  Today Tim finally got it working but wants to buy me a new laptop.  Guess I know what my birthday or aniversary present will be. 

We left Duluth Saturday morning around 8 and headed into Wisconsin. Sort of followed Lake Superior going thru lots of little towns – kept saying to Tim how spoiled the people in the Northeast are.  We live so much better than most folks in the world – we are very lucky and take so much for granted.  You really do not realize how lucky you are until you travel the back roads of this country.

We stopped at the Welcome center and talked to a fulltime rving couple.  The husband was very talkative – telling us different places they have been – wife more reserved.  They are volunturing at the welcome center – he makes bird houses – she works in the gift shop.  As they told us if it was not for volunters the state parks would not be able to stay open – much to costly.  Think next year Tim and I will try that.  Sounds interesting.  We proceded into Michigan to the Upper Peninsula – wow this is really isolated.  Stopped in a little town called Ontonagon right on Lake Superior.  The campground was really nice and met so many nice people.  After setting up we talked to a retired navy couple that just went fulltiming.  They are Ken and Jean from Pensacola Fla – very interesting couple.  We then took a ride to Porcupine Mountain State Park – visited the visitor center and then took a ride to the Lake of the Clouds viewing area.  Really pretty – Tim got some pictures – good hike up – can tell I am not in shape.  We then started back and stopped along the side of the road and walked on the beach.  Five guys were swimming – I put my toes in and it was freezing.  Not suitable to swim even  colder than Ct if possible.   This place is so funny – sawa mailbox and about 4 feet above it another one that said air mail.  Of course silly me starts laughing and cannot stop.  We then went to a hardware – grocery store – you heard right – the grocery store is on the last three aisles and along the back of the store.  Really weird.  Started laughing again and Tim would not look at me – wonder why??????

Sunday we got up early and just puttered.  Then went for a ride – driving on a route and all of a sudden it turns into gravel two lane road – then into gravel one lane road.  Not one car and not one person.

d Tim  I had never been in such an isolated area.  They have snowmobile trails thru out this island.  Really cool. Saw some deer on our ride – stopped at a regular grocery store then back home.  Sat and read most of the afternoon – after dinner talked to the two guys camped next to us.  They were up in the area on a job – very intersting to talk to – told us that in the winter they put snow plows on the school bus.  Do not know if this is true but I could believe it.  He said it snows every day all winter.  Not for me.

Monday am we were up at 5 – I could not sleep all night and if I cannot sleep no one sleeps.  We left the campground around 7 and traveled across the upper penninsula on Route 28 which follows the lake quite abit of the way.  Stopped for lunch in the National Forest overlooking a lake – what views. 

Pulled into Tiki Rv Park and Campgound in St Ignace Mi.  Nice park – little rustic but okay – our view out of the living room window is of Lake Huron.  We got all settled in and sat down in our recliners and went sound asleep.  Woke up around 6 – Tim looked at me and said tonight you will not wake me up – right??????  We ate dinner then took a walk around the campground.  Quite large but not to well kept.  This is one thing nice about traveling with your home – we really do not need to use anything of theirs except the laundry.  We are thinking of buying a washer-dryer for the camper and then we would be all set.  Time and money will tell.

Tuesday am we took the Sheplers Ferry Service over to to Mackinac Island too see what was the main attraction.  The ferry ride took about 16 minitues – this is where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron split at the Mackinac Bridge.  What a beautiful island.  No cars are allowed on the island at all – they decided many years ago that cars spooked the horses.  Even the delivery people use wagon and horses.  Once on the island we walked up to the carriage tour place and bought tickets for $19 each  The tour company has over 100 freight and passanger carriages with over 400 horses.  The tour takes you past all the interesting places on the island.  We went past the beautiful Grand Hotel – they charge you $10 just to look – little to steep for me but I would of loved to see the inside.  This is the famous hotel that has been in two movies – This Time for Keeps in 1947 and Somewhere in Time in 1979 with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.   Anything you see about the island has this hotel shown in the pictures.  Beautiful.  We stoppped at the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory which cost $5.50 to get in but well worth it.  The place is all climate controlled – they get hudreds each week and they fly all around you – some actually landing on your clothes.  You have to check your self before leaving to make sure you do not remove any butterflys.  The colors were just brillant – one was white and black – another one was red and white. Tim did take pictures so you will see them soon.

We then got back on the carriage and proceded thru the state park – 80% of the island is state park.  Went past a cemetary, arch rock, blacksmith shop, governors mansion, stuart house museum and the fort.  We decided to tour the fort so we got out at that stop.  The fort cost $9l.50 each – it was built in 1780 and really quite interesting.  Got to see the post commisary, headquaters, storehouse, barracks, school, hospital, parade grounds plus the jail.  The views were spectular.  We then walked back to town and had alittle to eat.  We stopped in 2 fudge shops as this place is known for their fudge.  Bought a 1/2 lb in each.  Really yummy.  Walked for awhile and then took the fairy back to St Ignac.  Took a ride around and went to the state park, coast guard station, and just wandered to see what the town had to offer.  At night we went out for pizza.

Wednesday am we left around 8 and headed to Historic Mill Creek.  This is a 625 acre state park which is an old industrial complex which provided lumber to the island from 1790 to 1830.  They had a demostration of the lumber being cut with a water powered saw.  Really interesting.  Then a naturalist explained all the plants that grow in the park.  Really neat.

We then started our journey south along the coast of Lake Huron.  All along the road are stops to look at the water with spectular views.  We stopped at one of these for lunch – tuna salad with chips on hard rolls.  We arrived at Au Gres City Park Campground in Au Gres, Michigan.  It was raining when we arrived but got set up with an unmbrella – had dinner and then went for a walk.  My foot started to hurt and was all swollen.  Well Thursday am woke up and could not get shoes on so Tim decided I needed to go to the hospital.  Into St Mary’s Of Michigan Standish Hospital and as soon as the doctor looked at me he said you have gout.  By this time my toe was hurting like hell.  It is caused by deposits of uric acid crystals in the joints and causes severe pain – usujally being red and wollen.  Got a prescription and was told to take this for 5 days and I shoud be okay.  Wants me to check with my doctor once we hit Ct again.

day am we left early – again in the rain – we were going to stay at a campground in Michgan but it was horrid so we just kept going.  Before we knew it we were past Southfield (thought of alll my ING friends) and then hit Detroit.  We had problems getting gas so we filled up and just kept driving.  Was exhausted by the time we stopped in Ohio at Swift Hollow Resort in Amherst, Ohio.  The campground was huge and we met quite a few nice people here – we had to go out and buy some more hoses as our water hose would not reach.  Saturday am we got up and made the decision to stay here thru Labor Day.  we both need to relax alittle and slow down – to much traveling to fast.  Saturday we took a ride into town and while at the sandwich shop got a call from my sister Ann.  Nice to talk to her.  We then went and did 5 loads of laundry = stopped at a farmers market and got some corn on the cob, fresh string beans and fresh tomatoes.  Back home for a relaxing evening.  Sunday was a day of rain – poured all day.  got to talk to Sue and Julia – Emily was at a play date so hope to talk to her soon.  Nice conversation – also received some pictures of Julia and Emily – wow are they ever cute.  Today is Monday and raining again all day so we drove to Sandusky and stopped at a rv place for a new part for the tv antena.  we forgot to put it down one time and it broke.  Only $6 for the part so cannot complain.  Seems the first year of rving is the most expensive as you figure out what you need and must then buy it but later you will have most things.  At least we hope so.

Tonight I just talked to Amanda and Josh.  Josh starts school tommorow – he was alittle bummed.  He is going into sixth grade – wow he is getting old.  I still remember when I started 6th grade Josh – enjoy the year – meet lots of new friends – both boys and girls. 

Tommorrow we are going to a book store and then to tour a winery.  Should be interesting.  The rain is suppose to stop – sun is suppose to come out.  We really cannot complain as the weather has been mostly beautiful each day since we left – few showers but that is about it. 

Would love to hear from our friends whom read the blog.  We willl try to post more ofter – hope we will have better internet and phone service going forward for awhile.  Until later