First I would like to apologize in the errors in yesterdays blog.  Trying to type and save every few seconds because of losing internet became quite a pain and I made quite a few mistakes.  Sorry guys – I will try to read my blogs thru before posting going forward.  Tim read it this am and asked me what I was talking about and he has been with me the whole time.  Kind of scary – don’t you think?????

Told Josh last night that the only time I get to be by myself is when grandpa goes outside to smoke his pipe.  He told me to enjoy that time alone.  We have gotten along quite well considering we are together 24/7 – glad I have an easy going husband – did something right in my life picking him.  

Today it is raining again – cold and really dreary – looks like about 8 at night instead of 11am.  We are going to go to an rv store and buy a tripod for the 5th wheeler to avoid alittle of the rocking motion.  We will then head to the book store to invest in more reading materials.  Right now I am reading “Someday Soon” by Debbie Macomber.  Good book – like her style of writing – easy to read and entertaining.  Tim just read a book by Oliver North – enjoyed it greatly so would like to find another one by him.

Then we will hit the grocery store.  Out of bread – plus need something for dinner as I forgot again to take something out of the freezer.  Until later