Our week in Amherst Ohio

Our week in Amherst Ohio

On Tuesday we took a ride thru the country to get a feel for the area.  We ended up at the Crocker Road Mall in West Lake Ohio.  We went to 2 books stores and Tim got 7 books – I got 2.  He was lucky to find a lot that interested him on the clearance table – 3 books for $9.  Not a bad price for hard back books.  We are not too crazy about paperbacks. 

This mall was the coolest thing – it has offices, restaurants, apartments, stores and movie theaters all mixed in.  We found a wonderful restaurant called Brio Tuscan Grill – it is an Italian restaurant with chain stores in only Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Virginia.  We both had a grilled chicken club sandwich – it had smoked bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese and pesto mayo.  Gosh was it good.  Highly recommend this restaurant if you ever see one.  We then went back home – got to talk to all my grandchildren which made my night – also talked to my girls.  What more could a mother ask for?????

On Wednesday morning we took a ride to Lorain, Ohio.  On the way we passed this huge manufacturing plant that was all shut down.  I bet it took up 3 city blocks – it was the biggest building I have ever seen.  Come to find out it was a ford plant that was shut down in December.  All I could think of was all those poor people out of a job.  No wonder the area seems a little depressed.  We went to the GMC dealer and got the oil changed in the truck.  You can tell we are retired when I go with Tim to get this done.  Wow that even surprises me.  We then stopped at the grocery store and did a little shopping – needed milk, bread those things you always need.  We then came back and had lunch of fresh tomato sandwiches.  These tomatoes are the ones you buy at the road side stands or grow in your yard.  Yummy – ice cold tomatoes with mayo on white bread.  Like heaven.  After eating this we went for a walk in the campground – I saw a trail  so we decided to take that.  It had a little bridge going over the water.  Nice walk but I get very winded after awhile.  Think I might need to get an inhaler again.  Back home for a little reading and then dinner.  Talked to all my grandchildren again as they started school – no not Julia but I have to talk to her.  She is so cute – had to understand on the phone so really looking forward to seeing her.  Emily loves school – loves everything about it.  She reminds me so much of Susan when she was little.  Almost like a clone – love it so. She is so sweet and enjoys everything so.   Joshua is another story – he will not admit he likes it but he does really well in school.  I asked him about girls and he tells me he does not like them.  Then he told his grandpa that he is the most popular 6th grader and he is giving the other boys a chance with the girls – no conceit in my family – to be young again.  After reading for awhile with a glass of wine it was off to bed for a good night sleep.

Thursday I cleaned again – try to do this good once a week.  I pick up every day so it really does not get to bad but I must feel good about my little house.  We then took a ride to Vermillion.  It is a small historic town right on Lake Erie.  Really pretty as most houses in town have boats docked in their back yards.  I just love the water and could not imagine being that lucky.  We went into the Inland Seas Maritime Museum for $5 each.  They have wonderful models, art, shipwreck artifacts and interactive exhibits explaining the maritime history of the great lakes.  Outside they also have a reproduction of the Vermillion lighthouse.  We then walked to Main Street Beach and sat on the bench watching the water.  You could see Cedar Point Amusement park to the south – this is one of the best amusement parks in the world.  I used to love them but as you get older you realize your tummy and neck cannot take that motion.  The thing that amazes me about the great lakes is they look just like the ocean, just cannot smell the salt.  All you see is water forever.  On the way back home we stopped at a fruit stand and bought peaches.  Did you know that Ohio is known for peaches?  I always thought of Georgia peaches – they even had white peaches.  They are very good.  Home and made dinner of mashed potatoes, steak and fresh green beans – I do the inside cooking – Tim does the grill – together we get a very good meal.

Friday was a wonderful day.  We left and went to the RV dealer and got a jack stand for the front of the camper.   It needed to be steadier in the front.  We then went into Wall-mart and while standing in line the lady in front of me started talking.  I had on my Newport, Rhode Island sweatshirt and she said she used to live near Newport.  We got to talking and she has a friend that lives in Tolland Ct.  What a small world.  She told us about a military base called Camp Perry so we decided to go  and see what they had.

It was the saddest base I have ever been on – it is for the national guard and no one was around.  The exchange was about the size of our bathroom in our stick house.  We did get a map of all the military bases in the country which will be very helpful.  With Tim being retired from the military we can use all the facilities that they offer – sometimes this means saving money – sometime not.  We did find a campground on base with 40 sites – full hookups – beach – and picnic tables.  Your unit must be fully self-contained.  Only one camper parked – kind of high $30.89 a night.  We are only paying $21 a night in a regular campground

When we were leaving the base my phone rang  – if you know me you know that I have no idea how to work the devise even though I have had it for about 6 years.  I am really not a phone person so when I tried to answer I hung up the phone instead of answering.  A second later Tim’s phone rings – it was Sandy.  Talked for awhile with her and enjoyed it so.  Hope we can  get together when we are back in Ct.   A few minutes later the phone rings again and it was Tim’s brother Jeff.  He flew to New Mexico to obtain a motor home from a private party – he is now driving it back to Boston.  He gets so excited about things that it is nice to feel his excitement.  He is in his glory with this motor home which makes us very happy.  Have a safe trip Jeff.  Hope to see you in Ct.

We then stopped in Marblehead at Mateys Seafood and chowder house for lunch.  Tim had a walleye sandwich – I had a chicken.  Walleye is a very popular white fish from the great lakes.  Most restaurants sell it in some form.  Our next stop was the Marblehead Lighthouse.  This lighthouse is the oldest operational light on the great lakes.  It was built in 1819 to aid captains on navigating the lakes.  It is 85 feet high – 87 stairs to the top.  They let you climb all the way to the top – quite a climb but well worth it – the view was wonderful.  The lighthouse was turned over to the state of Ohio in 1998 from the Coast Guard.  It is in a quaint little village with a population of 800 year round residents.  We then went into the museum where they have displays about the lakes and lighthouse.  This house was used by the coastie stationed here to man the light.  The view was great – Very interesting day and the only money we spent was for lunch.   We had such a late lunch that we decided to just have sandwiches around 8:30.  Some wine, good reading, good company and off to bed for a good night sleep. 

Today is Saturday and it is pouring and blowing winds.  Feel very sorry for the weekend campers – no outside activities.  Oh yea, they just went by with a hayride with umbrellas up over the wagon.  Nothing stops true campers.  Tim and I took a ride to Cleveland this am to go to the Coast Guard base.  Another disappointment.   We got a few things and they charged us $68 – told Tim no way could that be the cost.  Come to find out we really spent $40 and it took them a good twenty minutes to figure that out.  We have been searching for pipe tobacco for Tim and no place seems to carry it.  He was alittle bummed so we decided to stop at Brio Tuscan Grille again.  Tim had a seafood salad which he loved – I had a turkey sandwich.  Still rate it very high – very good food.  We came back to the camper and will spend the remainder of the day reading and surfing the net. 

We will be back to Ct next Friday – we will leave here on Tuesday am and travel into Pa and then wander back to North Branford.  Our main purpose in Ct will be for Susan, Jerry and the grandchildren.  We hope we will have time to see a lot of you at that time also.  Give us a call at 860-913-8652 or send me an email at peg@pinckard.com

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.