First week of Setember

Our last Sunday in Ohio


As I told you all Tim’s brother Jeff bought a motor home in New Mexico and is driving it back to Boston.  He was coming thru Ohio today so we drove to the interstate and met him for lunch.  We got to tour his motor home – pretty nice for a motor home – then went and had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Mansfield, Ohio.  We all had the chicken dinner special – total bill for 3 people was $30.04.   I said I would pay the 4 cent cost.  It was pretty good – the guys loved it – I am not too crazy over all that breading that they put on it but that is true southern food.  I got it with fries and coleslaw.  


We also went to Wall-Mart and picked up some half and half plus a few supplies for the cleaning of the outside of the camper.  These super wall-marts are unbelievable, so large and so much stuff in them. 


We took the back roads home and saw two carriages pulled by horses.  They have the Mennonite people here in Ohio, they are a very plain people but so proud.  Some live a very strict life following the Christ like behavior that we all should be living.  This is something very hard to do in today’s world.  I love seeing things that are different from what we normally see.  They never use cars, zippers, anything modern. 


We also watched the sky – it looked black because the clouds were hitting the tops of the trees.  It was a really different sight – never saw anything like that.  Remember I am a city girl – Tim needs to explain lots to me even after all these years of marriage.  Remember I was the one whom loved to shop – now I look but do not buy much.  No room in my little house.  Wow have I changed. 


We got back to our house and took a walk around the campground.  We then came back home and read for awhile – finished my book – did the blog and now am enjoying a good glass of wine.  I will finish tomorrow.


Monday was Labor Day and we really enjoyed ourselves today.  We decided to do laundry but upon arriving at the Laundromat the place was full.  So off we went to the grocery store for some wine and bread and then for a little ride.  We stopped at Schoepfle Gardens in Birmingham Ohio.  It has 70 acres of botanical gardens and natural woodlands.  At one time this belonged to Otto Schoepfle as his gardens behind his home.  In 1969 he donated the gardens to Lorain County Metro Parks and lived in the house and looked after the gardens until he died in 1992.  It is quite late in the season for beautiful gardens but I must say we enjoyed it greatly.  Of course Tim took some pictures which might be published.   We then filled the truck up with gas for our departure tomorrow morning.  We came home, cooked dinner and read, and off to bed early for an early morning departure.


Tuesday we got ready and were on the road by 8:30am.  We traveled about 80 miles in Ohio to Pennsylvania and stopped at the first rest area.  Tim said oh no.  Come to find out the camper flipped the forward shackles again.  This time it is both sides.  Anyone that knows Tim realizes what an easy guy he is until something goes wrong with his truck or camper.  He was not to happy and not very talkative after that.  We drove to Nittany Mountain Campground in New Columbia, Pa.  We got off on the wrong exit and took all these small narrow roads so we thought we were out in the never-never land.  He looked at me and said how long should we stay.  I said only one night.  So we got a spot for $16 with full hookups.  This is really a nice campground with many activities but everything was so wet from all the rain.  We did not even unhook from the truck – wanted a quick get away in the morning.  We watched some television – talked to our children and grandchildren and then off to bed.


We were up early on Wednesday and hit the road around 7.  One thing about not being near a big city there is no morning or evening traffic which is really weird to us.  We arrived in North Branford, Connecticut at Totoket Valley RV Park and got all set up.  We then went into the office to pay and were informed if we took it for a month versus 22 days the price would be $440 plus electric instead of $800.  It did not take us long to make a decision.  Then I guess you all know where we went.  We went over to Susan and Jerry’s to see them and our beautiful granddaughters Emily and Julia.  Tim sat and talked to Jerry and Susan while I was told what to do by my grandchildren.  I just love them to death.  We helped Emily get ready for dance, played and cleaned on the play scape, and played hide and seek.  Really enjoy every minute.  We then had dinner of pizza – this is the only pizza Tim likes anymore.  It is really good.  It started getting late and Emily had school the next day and Julia needed to go to bed so we came back home.  It was a wonderful visit and I shall enjoy this stay in Connecticut. 


On Thursday Tim sent an email to the manufacturer of our camper and the manufacture of the suspension system with pictures of our shackles.  They finally talked and it was decided that they will replace our whole suspension system for free.  It still has not been decided where or when as of today.  We drove to the Air National Guard Base, then to the camper store (we are ordering direct TV) and then by our old house.  Seem kind of weird but to be honest I really do not miss it.  We stopped and visited our neighbor as they are also retiring and going to North Carolina.  Wish you the best Jones.  We then went to the book store and got more books.  I am reading the series Cedar Cove by Debbie Macomber.  It is a 6 book series and I found them all except for volume 3.  We stopped at two different book stores looking for it and no luck.  We then went to Chilies for lunch – I had a kiddy meal of ribs and Tim had the rib combo.  It was very good and we had a gift certificate so it cost us only for the tip.  We then stopped and did laundry – we filled 5 machines.   Susan said we could do laundry at her home but it would have taken forever.  Now everything is clean and put away.  At night I talked to my brother Tom and sister-in-law Donna.  I then talked to my sister Ann in Florida.  Nice day and the weather was just beautiful we have warm days and cool nights.


Today is Friday and another beautiful day.  I talked to my sister Sharon on the phone this am which I enjoyed very much.  Cleaned my little house and then sat outside and read.  We needed a day to relax so we stayed home all day except for a little walk around the area.  I am trying really hard to exercise each day so I do not get any heavier.  Tonight I made a really good dinner of pork chops, rice, gravy, applesauce, corn on the cob and coffee. 


Today is Sunday but I will finish up this posting and get it published.  Yesterday we went to our friends Ray and Louise’s home for the day.  When we arrived we saw this deer head sticking out of the side of his motor home.  Come to find out this deer talks and sings – moves his mouth.  Ray loves toys but this one is really cool.  We sat outside and talked for a long time and then had lunch.  Talked lots more and before we knew it, it was 6pm.  We said our goodbyes and left.


On the way home we stopped at another book store and I found my book which delighted me to no end.  We were going to stop at Susan’s but the sky was pitch black and it was getting close to the girls bedtime so we came home.  Relaxed and read.


Today we are going to the fair so I will write all about that later.