Weeks in CT

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Today was just a beautiful day – perfect weather for the North Haven Fair.  We arrived at Susan’s about 12:30 pm and went with them to the fairgrounds.  We were very happy we went.  The girls really enjoyed themselves so – they really enjoyed the rides.  Poor Susan is so big that she made me feel uncomfortable.  One more week and we will have a new baby.  Lots of rides but was surprised no animals. It was a fun day and something we do not do very often.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Today we arrived at Susan’s about 9 for a day of babysitting.  Emily had off from school so we played a lot outside.  Played hide and seek, ball, word games and talked a great deal.  We had so much fun – Tim left and went to lunch with his friend so I spent all day with the girls.  Tonight Dan came for visit.  He reads our blog and seems to enjoy it.  Tommorow will be the same again.  I will not write anymore blogs until the end of the weekend.  Nothing to report.  Till then


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

We arrived at Susan’s around 9 and took care of Julia – took her to playgroup for 45 minutes at the y in Cheshire.  Tim and I went and had coffee and a bagel while waiting.  She seemed to enjoy herself – we watched her for awhile while outside and she sticks up for herself even though she is the smallest one in the group.  In the afternoon Tim met Sam for a coffee and then went to the doctor.  He is doing good – most of our stress is gone with this wonderful life style.  It is for couples whom like each other – we are together most days 24/7.  Wow.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today I cleaned my little house and then went and got a haircut.  Really not crazy the way she cut it but it will grow.  At night we babysat while Jerry and Susan went to an open house at Emily’s school.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

A day filled with laughs and fun – babysat for Julia – she is such a joy – has a mind of her own but as cute as can be.  She has really curly hair and I keep telling her I need her hair and she says okay.  It is just beautful.  We do not see much of Emily as she is in school – the bus picks her up at 7:20am and drops her off at 3:40pm.


Friday, September 15, 2006

Babysat for an hour while Susan went to the doctor.  She goes in Monday am at 6am so they will be leaving the house at 5am.  Waited for Emily to come home and brought her back to my house.  She is spending the night, a time for her and I to enjoy each other.  When we are at her house Julia requires much more attention and at times Emily gets hurt that I do not spend the time with her.  I understand how she feels as I was the oldest of three girls also.  We were going to go shopping but it is pouring to hard and it is Friday night – traffic horrid so we decided to wait until tommorow.  Tim’s brother is camping with us for the weekend so we all went out for pizza.  Very good pizza.  Came home and Emily and I played games – hide and seek in a 34 foot home.  Quite interesting.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

We were up early – had breakfast and left for shopping at the Milford mall.  They have redone this mall and it is quite nice.  Went into Macy’s and had her face painted and obtained balloons.  Then on to Gap where we got a sweatshirt and top.  Then we got a new top in a big girls shops which tickled her to death.  Disney store for stuffed animals for her and Julia.  Book store for 2 books for her and 1 for Julia.  We then had lunch – she is not a very good eater but loves to go out for meals.  My sandwich was just wonderful – but ate to much.  I was really pleased with Macy’s and must go back and shop for me before I leave – the store is spread out very nicely and nicer selection of clothes.  Back home for alittle while and then we took Emily home, sat around and talked to Susan and Jerry till 4 and then came home.  Made a big dinner of chicken, gravy, rice and string beans.  Very good. We talked and drank some wine at night and just enjoyed our time with Jeff.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Today Susan and Jerry came over and we had hotdogs, hamburgs, potato salad, beans, rolls and chips for dinner.  It was a beautiful day so we all ate outside.  After cleaning up I went back to Susan’s house with them.  Sleeping over for the rest of the week.  Gave the girls a bath and off to bed I went.  I had told Sue to wake me at 5am when they leave.  That is really early for me now – I know I used to be at work at that time – what was wrong with me????????


Week of September 18th thru the 23rd

This has been a week of happiness and worry.  Susan had a baby girl on Monday and as soon as she delivered the baby was put on oxygen.  She was born at Griffin Hospital in Derby and they did not even weigh her at first.  When Emily came home from school we all went to visit and were only allowed to look thru the glass into the nursery.  Stayed a short time but the girls were happy to see her and especially their mom and dad.


Monday evening during the night they rushed the baby to Yale New Haven Hospital and had her on 100% oxygen.  They transferred Susan Tuesday am to the same hospital.  Susan is a nervous wreck and cannot blame her.  Thank goodness she is at Yale as they have the best doctors around.  On Wednesday Tim and I took Julia and went to Cosco for a little shopping.  When Emily came home we went to the hospital to visit – the baby was on 40% oxygen and you only could see her one at a time – my heart broke seeing this little thing with wires everywhere. 

On Thursday we stayed home most of the day and played.  After school we took Emily to the dentist and then took them out for pizza.  That was a real experience.  Forgot about the small forks – booster seats etc.  Friday morning Susan came home but the baby needs to stay.  At 3 we took Sue back to the hospital to feed the baby and let her visit.  Tim and I went home to get ready to go out with friends.  We went to Gymboree first and bought two cute outfits for the baby and then met F and P at Gilberts for dinner.  We arrived at 7 and left around 11.  We were the last ones in the restaurant.  We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the company so.  Thanks so much F and P for the wonderful dinner and evening.  You two are the best.  You are both so easy to talk to and just a joy to be with.


Saturday at noon I got a call from Susan that the baby was coming home so we rushed over her house and took care of Julia while Jerry went to get them.  It was so wonderful to see her at home – finally got to hold her and gosh was I happy.  Just sat and stared at her – so tiny and cute.  Her name is Makenzie Grace – weighs 6lbs 13oz and 19 ½  inches long.  Of course she is the best baby in the world.  Am I a proud grandma??????


Today we took a ride – just wandered on the back roads and then stopped for lunch.  We went up to Middletown and then back to Old Saybrook and took Rt 1 along the coast.  Very interesting ride and so many neat things to look at.  We both like to wander – do not like schedules.  Came back home around 3 and decided to get my blog caught up.  This next week will be quite busy also – we plan to leave Ct next Sunday as long as everything is okay and have many people to visit plus our children and grandchildren.  

Tommorow we will hit the Big E – looking forward to that as I do not believe I have been in 15 years.  Just hope we enjoy ourselves. 

Plan to go into work someday this week and see all the people I worked with – at least the ones I want to see.

Will write again soon.