Last week In September

Last Week in September


Monday, September 25, 2006


Today was a special day – my 60th birthday.  Got up around 8 and got ready to go to the Big E.  On the road realized my sister Ann had called.  Called  her back but got the answering machine instead.  Thanks Ann even though you called me an old fart.  Ann is younger than me – her day will come. 

We arrived at the big E at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield Ma.  This is a huge fair that takes place every year for 16 days.  We paid $10 to park and then got into the fair for senior discount which was $5.  60 is the age they consider senior, boy did that work out well.  Tim and I now both qualify.  We walked around the fair going into the Better Living Center and seeing what the vendors had.  We ended up buying a can opener.  We then hit the states buildings.  Each state in New England has their own building displaying things from that state.  

Rhode Island had seafood, fresh lemonade, delicate embroidery, candy, and their state police.  Maine of course had lobster, wild blueberries,  and baked potatoes.  Vermont had cheese, Ben and Jerry Ice cream, and crafts.  Connecticut had italian ice, pez candy, and timex watches.  New Hampshire had stensils, fleecewear and candy.  Massachusetts had root beer, boston cream pies, apples and clothes.  We also toured the grange building seeing needlework and crafts that people made.  Our favorite attraction for the day was horse pulling.  Never had seen a thing like this before and it was very interesting.  All in all it was a pleasant experience.  On the way home I called Sandy and Larry and we stopped at their house to visit.  We then all went to the Olive Garden – thanks guys for wonderful company and dinner.  Enjoyed our visit greatly. They sang happy birthday but they thought it was Tim’s birthday which was fine with me so I did not get the attention.  The cake was good but I was full.


I also got birthday calls from my children and my grandchildren whom sang happy birthday to me.  I also heard from my sister Sharon, my brother Tom and a few friends.  Thanks everyone for a wonderful day.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This morning we cleaned out the basement of the camper and got rid of a lot of stuff.  We have carried it around and will not use it so it is time to get rid of it.  Gave most of it to Jerry and Sue and kept a few things.  We went over and visited with Sue, Jerry, Emily, Julia and Makenzie.  I enjoy being with them so much.  They keep me young and bring back so many memories of when my children were little.  Gosh those were the days.  Makenzie is just so tiny and cute.  I try to give them all equal attention but sometimes that is hard.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Today Tim went to his old work and visited and I went to mine.  I got to see a lot of people – not everyone I would have liked to but did enjoy myself greatly.  This was the first time I had been back since leaving.   Had lunch with the girls and just talked up a storm.   It was good to see so many of my old buddies whom I do miss even though I do not miss work.  We then went to visit Sam and Rhonda – enjoyed our stay – and enjoyed the company.  Left about 8 and started home.


Thursday September 28, 2006


We bought a new mattress for our bed and it was delivered this am.  It is so thick that now we need to go and buy new sheets and blankets.  Hope it will be what we wanted in comfort.  Around noon my brother Tom came over.  We talked for along time and then went out to lunch.  Thanks Tom for lunch and really enjoyed seeing you.  Sorry that Donna could not come this time.  After Tom left we went to Macys and got new sheets,  and a blanket.  We then went to IKEA and bought swedish meatballs and sauce.  Promised the Shallo’s I would cook them for dinner some night this week.


Friday September 29, 2006


I called Donna to wish her a happy birthday.  She is 50 today – getting old Donna.  Hope you had a wonderful day.  We then went over to Sue’s and spent all day with them.  At night we made the swedish meatballs, gravy, mashed potatoes and corn on the cob for dinner.  Julia and Emily helped me.  Thanks girls for all your hard work.  Grandmom really enjoyed that.  It was a very good day – as you all know grandchildren are the apple of my eye.  They make me laugh and also feel young. 


Saturday, September 30, 2006


Today was our last day to spend with the Shallo family.  We played, read, made french pancakes with the girls and had fun.  This is the first meal that I made for Emily that she liked.  She is an alful eater like me but she loved the french pancakes.  Thanks again girls for your help – wish I could do this more often.  Held the baby a lot – she is just beautiful – good baby also. Finally was brave and changed her diaper.  She is so tiny I was leery of doing it.  She looks so healthy now.  Susan gave me a picture of the baby as one of my birthday gifts.  Gosh did I love that.  Thanks so much guys for the picture and the gift certficiate.  I will use that alot as I love to read as you know.   We took pictures and around 9 said our goodbyes.  It was very hard – just remember guys we love you and will keep in touch.  Looking forward to coming back when the weather gets warm.  At that time we will take Emily – maybe Julia and go camping somewhere they could have fun with a pool and games.  We love ya guys and thanks for being so special to us.  Will be back again soon.