Independence Mo


Last night we went out for ribs – were they ever good.  I ordered a ½ rack – Tim ordered a whole rack and we ate them all, stuffed when we left but well worth it.  This morning we went and did laundry.  While waiting for the dryer to finish a man walked in with a basket of clothes.  We started talking and come to find out they are from Tolland, Ct.  What a small world.  He wishes they could go full time but wife needs the house.  It is a hard decision to sell everything but gosh is it fun.  We stayed outside for awhile talking to our neighbors from Texas.  They are full timers and super people.  They have a beautiful collie – felt like keeping him. 

Monday am it was raining of course when we hooked up.  We need to find somewhere and buy Tim a rain suit.  Seems to happen to often.  Spoiled me stays inside and then I run to the truck. You know I might melt if I get wet.  We traveled across Missouri to Independence which is the town next to Kansas City.  It really blew my mind on how large the city is – wow.  The Kansas City area is as large as Connecticut.  Tim and I just looked at each other with disbelief.  We got into the Campus Rv Park and found out they had no full hookup sites.  The nice owner told us we could stay in the site with just water and electric and in the morning move to another full hookup site.  The campground is very nice – very clean and the people so nice.  Highly recommend this place to anyone coming to town.  You could really walk to a lot of places in town – it has many exercise areas, walking track, soccer field, basketball, horseshoes, volleyball, softball field, and a huge amphitheater.  They also have a super clean laundry.  It was pouring so we did not even unhook – made dinner and just relaxed.  We both are reading a great deal plus playing on the computer, just chilling. 

Tuesday morning we decided to unhook and go sightseeing for awhile.  We drove into town and found the visitor center for President Harry S Truman.  .  We saw a short movie on the life of President Harry S Truman, whom was our 33rd president,  and got tickets for a tour of his home.  Because we have national park passport we will be able to get in for free.  President Harry S Truman lived in this town most of his life and returned back here after the presidency.  The home belonged to his wife’s grandparents and became their home in 1919 when they married.  He went to Washington as a senator in 1934 but always returned back to Independence.  In 1944 he became the vice president under President Franklin D Roosevelt and upon President Roosevelt’s death became president on April 12, 1945.  Will tell you more about his life when we tour the library.  His only daughter Margaret was born February 17, 1924.  President Truman died on December 26, 1972 at age 88.  His wife would live another 10 years until October 18, 1982 at age 97.  The home still had everything from their marriage – his coat was still hanging in the hallway and all his clothes in the closets.  It almost felt like she was waiting for him to return home.  The house was very plain – reminded me of my grandmothers house – so many of the same things.  Our tour guide was excellent – knew quite abit about the Trumans and almost made you feel like you knew them.  It was a very interesting tour and highly recommended.  We then  went downtown into Clinton’s drugstore where president Truman worked his first job.  They still have a soda fountain – really pretty cool – had lunch and then returned to the campground and moved our camper into a new site. 

Wednesday we went to the Truman Library and Museum.  This was a real history lesson for me.  President Truman had read every book in the Independence Library by the age of 14.  He wore thick glasses and his parents were always afraid he would break them so he was not allowed to play very often.  If he had broken them they had no money to replace them.  He went on to become president and never attended school past high school.  He would be our president for 8 years and during a very hard time for our country.  We were in World War II and he was the one that had the atomic bomb dropped on Japan.  He also was instrumental in formationof the United Nations, Nato, Berlin Airlift, South Korea and the beginning of the cold war.  They have a replic of the oval office from 1950 and shows you just how it looked.  The Library was dedicated in July, 1957.  He would use the office in this building until 1966.  Really got a wonderful look into a great man.  His picture with his top coat and hat walking on the streets in Independence are everywhere.  He walked all the time at a very brisk pace declaring this the best exercise you could get.  He was really ahead of his time.  After leaving the library we just rode all over going into Kansas City and then into Kansas.  Cannot believe how huge this area is – beautiful town and very well planned out.  It was a bitter cold day so we just rode and looked – maybe in warmer weather we will return.  At night we went to Hereford House Restaurant.  This restaurant has an authentic american cowboy motif with their speciality being steak.  Tim and I both had prime rib – it was just so yummy.  Quite expensive but we enjoyed it so.

Thursday we went shopping for alittle while.  I was able to buy two Christmas presents and then went to Macy’s and bought myself a new pair of cords and sweater.  Just had the urge for something new – always makes a girl feel better.  We went to Cracker Barrel for lunch as Tim enjoys their breakfast which is served all day.  After leaving we stopped at the National Frontier Trails Museum.  This shows you how people left here and took 3 different trails to go west.  This was the beginning point for Santa Fe, California and Oregon Trails.  We did get to see a covered wagon and a few interesting things but most of it was reading.  Not to impressed with it.  At night I talked to my grandchildren and enjoyed that greatly.

Today we rode east and just looked all around.  Stopped for a leisure lunch – came back home and took a walk and then sat outside for awhile.  The sun was warm but when it went behind the clouds got very chilly.  Tonight will be spent inside reading, watching tv and working on our blog.

Until later