Our last weeks

Saturday and Sunday in Independence Mo
Saturday I woke up with the worst pain in my back – could not bend over.  By noon Tim had enough looking at me and made me go to the emergency room.  They felt it was a pulled muscle – still hurts so who knows.  We went back home and spent the day relaxing – all I did was sit in my chair and read.

Sunday I felt alittle better so we went to the movies.  Saw the movie “The Guardian” which is about the Coast Guard.  It was a very interesting movie and so true to facts.  Wish more people appreciated the Coast Guard and what they do for us.  Tim spent 12 years in the Coast Guard so it is dear to my heart. 

On Monday we hooked up and left Independence for Chanute Kansas.  We checked into the campground – Safari Park around noon.  This is a public park and they let you stay for two days free.  We had water and electric, golf course, playground, ballfields, lake and a beautiful walking trail.  We went to Custom Campers in the afternoon and took the tour of how our Hitchhiker LS was made.  It was very interesting and I am still very impressed with the product that we bought.  We could have gone much cheaper but not as good a unit as we got.  We then went for a ride and stopped for pizza at Pizza Hut.  Not to good – back to the camper for a relaxing night.

Tuesday morning we took a tour of the Hitchhiker Factory which makes the higher end campers.  Very interesting – met so many nice people on the tour and again was very impressed in the product.  They have a few features that I liked but not enough to trade up at this point.  We took a long walk in the campground in the afternoon – walked to the Santa Fe train which Tim took pictures of.  Was pretty tired when we returned as I am totaly out of shape.  Maybe someday I will attain the place I should be.

Wednesday morning we left Chanute and headed for Oklahoma City.  It poured most of the way – poor Tim was exhausted by the time we pulled into Tinker Air Force Base.  We got a beautiful site right next to the host couple with a view of the lake.  Very pretty and so well kept.  We will be here for a week seeing a few sites and relaxing.  We went to the exchange and walked around.  Wow is it huge and nice.  Back to the camper and after dinner took a walk around.  The weather was just beautiful – 80 degrees. 

Thursday was laundry morning.  50 cents for a washer and 50 cents for a dryer.  Got 3 loads done – will need to do more before I leave but that sure helped.  We have a fairly large hamper but when that overflows no where to put the dirty clothes.  After lunch we went to the exchange, package store and commisary.  Told Tim I did not need any food but spent $136 – to many good bargins to pass up.  Back home for dinner and then watched tv and had a few drinks.  To bed at 2 – wow are we getting brave.

Friday we woke up to cold weather and the wind blowing something fearce.  We are not used to those winds – remember this is flat country and nothing to block the winds.  I decided to clean my little house and move things around.  Tim went and had a haircut while I finished up.  Once he came back we went for a ride to radio shack and then Target.  Got another Christmas present which I will mail out on Monday. 

Well it is a whole week later and still have not touched our blog or posted the last one.  Dan called today to make sure we were okay so here goes Dan just for you cuz I know you read it. 

Our week in Oklahoma City was just wonderful – we got to see some interesting sites and relax for awhile.  I know you all think that is nuts being retired but traveling does tire you out – remember this is not our vacation it is our way of life.  We do not need to be in a hurry or busy every minute like on vacation.

In Oklahoma City we took the water taxi around Bricktown.  It costs $6.50 and goes for one mile only – not worth the money but was different.  We got to see Toby Keith’s Restaurant – statues of settlers (this was really cool) – a huge Movie Theater – alot of different restaurants and Bass Pro Shop.  Bricktown was orginally a location for the US Army back in the early 1890’s to provide law and order to the city.  Remember Ok will only be 100 years old next year.  Really seems funny to us New Englanders as everything is so old at home.  We did go to Earls Rib Palace and had pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. This has always been a favorites of Tim and I have developed a taste for them also – he is wearing off on me finally.  We walked around and saw the ballpark where the Red Hawks play – this is a farm club of the Texas Ranagers.  Really pretty park and they have a statue of Mickey Mantel and Johnny Bench – they both were orginally from Oklahoma.

We then hopped on the trolley and went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial.  This was so touching and done in a really beautiful way.  They also have a museum which we toured – this was a 30,000 square foot educating people about the sensilness of violence.  This museum has alot of memories for alot of people – very well done but so sad.  I had tears in my eyes quite often and Tim did also.  Very touching.

On Sunday we went to Bass Pro Shop and got Tim a rain jacket and boots.  We swear we will not set up in the rain but it happens much to much.  We then went to Oklahoma History Center which was awesome.  They have different gallaries telling the history of the people coming to Oklahoma, the indian tribes in Ok which number 39 today, one about the history of the African American and the story of Oklahoma.  Outside they have displays of different plants native to Oklahoma – also had oil drilling displays.  This was so different to us yankees.  Enjoyed our day so.

Monday and Tuesday were laundry days, shipping out some Christmas presents – mailing post cards to my grandkids and relaxing. 

Wednesday morning we left eary from Oklahoma – said our goodbyes to the host couple – they were wonderful people – so warm and nice.  We headed into Texas and stopped outside of Dallas for lunch.  We then stopped for the night in Abilene Texas.  The campground was quite run down – called Tye Rv Park – cost us $21 with passport America and I thought that was much to high for the condition of the campground.  We only planned to spend one night and we both were quite tired.  We had leftovers and went to bed quite early.  The bad part was the Air Force Base was across town and they flew right over our heads with jet most of the evening.  Wow were they loud.  We used to have this about 33 years ago when we lived in Virginia Beach but we forgot about this kind of noise.  I know we lived near the airport for 22 years and believe me they do not make hardly any noise. 

Thursday morning we got up early and started traveling west in Texas.  We went thru the town President Bush lives in Midland Texas.  It really surprises me that more people from Texas have no pity for the poor.  I have never seen so many poor people in my life.  I kept saying to Tim that I was a spoiled brat compared to them and I never thought of us being rich – comfortable but not rich.   Wow are some of these people poor in Texas.  We arrived in El Paso around 4 at Fort Bliss Family Campground.  Staying for a week for $74 – pretty good deal for full hookups.  We are really enjoying our benefits from the military now – this campground is beautiful.  Each site is pull thru with concrete pads and patios with table and grill.  The campground also has paviliosn with grills, laundry, family room with kitchen, exercise equipment, playground and a shoppette acorss the street which is like a small 7-11.  The only bad part is that its close to the highway so you can hear trucks and cars.  But the weather is 70+ so we will put up with the noise. 

Today we cleaned the basement of the camper – walked all around – hit the grocery store on base and then read.  Now I am doing a chicken dinner with stuffing, rice, gravy, corn and cranberry.  We will watch some tv or read. 

We are still having lots of fun and enjoying it greatly.  The people and places are just wonderful and no time table to live by.  We will stay in the warm climate until March or so and then back east.  Will try to update the site more often – some places the internet connections are just not good and I loose what I write.  Very madding to impatient me.  Have a wonderful weekend and talk with you all soon.