Our Week in El Paso Texas

Our week in El Paso Texas

The weather here is just beautiful – warm but yet not to warm to be outside and just enjoy yourself.  We met the lady parked next to us – they are fulltimers from Oregon – right now they are working the book fairs on base.  Very interesting person and so nice. 

They have a border museum which I would like to go to – also would like to see the border and how they check people before crossing.  Was told all we need is our picture id cards and we can cross into Mexico.  I always thought it took more than that but as I told Tim I have been living in a box – so much I never knew about this country.

Forget to tell you yesterday driving down the highway we saw a couple on the other side walking – he had a bag – she had a suitcase – no cars broken  down and no town anywhere around.  I laughed so hard  – said they were running away from home.  This country is so alike but so different in so many areas.  The cowboys – the horses – the ranches – the mountains – nothing in Texas like new england.  This is a real education for both of us – and we have traveled alot before hand.  My advise to anyone in this great USA is to get into your car and see this country.  So many people go to Europe and never see our own country.  See the midwest and you really can imagine the pioneers crossing the great plains.  You can feel for their struggles and hardships – once you see this land you begin to understand what they went thru.  Wow they were brave souls.

This city really makes you feel like you are in Mexico.  It has so much spanish influence that the world seems so different.  We were in the commissary and heard alot of people talking spanish – this is really weird on a military base.  This country is so diverse and so interesting.  Wish my children and grandchildren could live this with us and enjoy the things we are seeing. 

If you get a chance anytime in your life – get into your car and travel the states.  No – not on an airplane – really see this country.  Enough harping for one day.

We will go to Cosco tommorow and get some peanuts for Tim and me.  It is suppose to be 80 – how could we ask for more.  We are enjoying our time outside and have all the windows open.  It gets cool at night but great sleeping weather.  I will be back soon.

It is Saturday evening and I must tell you about our day.  The weather is just awesome – so warm during the day and cool at night – you only need your fan going – perfect weather for me.  We sat outside in the am and read – after lunch took a ride to Cosco and got our peanuts.  Then we started riding – I said I would like to go near the border to see how you cross into Mexico.  Tim had mentioned before he had no desire to go to Mexico plus you need special insurance to go.  Well guess what – we turned and the next thing we knew we were in Mexico and no way to turn around.  As soon as you hit the border everything was in Spanish.  I got so darn scared and then my husband says we are kind of low on fuel.  The line of cars going back to the states was about 5 miles long going about 2 miles an hour.  Loads of people lining the streets trying to sell you everything you can imagine.  Finany got to the border and the man asked us what we did in Mexico.  We showed him our id cards and said we got lost.  He laughed and started talking to us – could care less about those millions of cars behind us.  This was truly an experience and I told Tim I owed him big time – won’t try that again.  I could only think what if we have an accident and no insurance – course I worry about everything.  We arrived back in the states and headed for FT Bliss – went to the exchange to get a part for the dish tv system and then to the commisiary for cocktail sauce.  Bought shrimp yesterday and forgot the sauce.  Back home to relax and enjoy the remaining day.  It was quite an experience and surly alittle more exciting than usual. 

Well our week is done in El Paso so I will try to finish up this blog and get it posted.  Our internet speed is not always the best for posting so I am doing this in notepad and then transfering it to the blog.  Lost my blogs to often when I tried to type right into the blog.

We toured the Fort Bliss Museum on base.  Was this ever interesting and imforative.  The army has been in El Paso since 1848 so they have displays from that era right up to today.  Saw many tanks – generals jeeps – aircraft – just about anything the army used.  I must say they did a wonderful job displaying all this.  The museum is on base but anyone is allowed to enter and visit it.  We also went to the old museum which lets you experience 1857 life on Fort Bliss thru displays.  A real must for anyone in the area to do.

Another day we traveled the scenic drive in the Franklin Mountains.  You can see all of El Paso and Juarez Mexico.  This was really nice.  We also went back one evening and it was beautiful to see it all lit up. 

Our stay in El Paso was really enjoyable. 

Today is Thursday and we left this am and arrived in Tucson Arizona at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Fam Camp.  The ride here we was quite boring as most of it is desert and very little else to see.  We did see a few huge ranches with thousands of cows – not beef cattle but dairy cattle.  Never saw so many cows in one place in my life. 

As we got near the base we saw all kinds of airplanes that are mothballed.  They are not only military aircraft but saw some American Airline planes also.  We thought of our friend Ray whom loves planes.  He would be in his glory if he was here – Ray you are welcome to come out and stay with us – loads of planes to see. 

Tommorow I have an appointment to get my hair cut – feel very messy – then I do not know what we will do.  They have two malls that have the nicer stores so I might go finish my Christmas shopping. 

Going to watch Survivor and then read for awhile before bed.  Miss ya all