Tucson Arizonia

Our Weekend in Tucson Arizonia

Friday I went to the beauty shop on base and had my hair cut and styled.  Looks pretty good right now but only time will tell when I wash it and try to do it myself.  I am not to good with hair.  The hairdresser was really nice and her name was Sonia (just like my mom).  After that we went to the mall and got some Christmas shopping done.  The mall was just beautiful – all the top scale stores – they even had an apple ipod store, Tiffanys – Coldwater Creek and Talbots to name a few.  The thing that really amazes us is the size of the cities in the southwest and the traffic.  Tucson is huge and has so much traffic – almost all roads are 3 lanes each way – cars everywhere.  The population is 1,000,000 – that is quite a large number of people.  At night we went to Outback for dinner – had prime rib and boy was it good.  Also had a mudslide – they make really good ones.  This is a drink for people that really do not like the taste of liquour.  Yummy.  Sandy has tried these with me and agrees.

Today is Veterans Day – happy day to all our veterans.  On a car in the parking lot it said retired army and proud to have served my country.  Thanks guys – and especially thanks to my husband for serving his country for 20 years.  We live in such a wonderful country with so much freedom.  You all would be very proud of the military today – the guys are so polite and friendly.  We have met so many nice people here on base – I love the military and enjoyed the time I was a fulltime military wife.  It is a close knit group of people whom look out for each other.

We went grocery shopping and then took pictures on the base.  Took pictures of the airplanes that are mothballed here and then took pictures of the ones they have on display.  They set up a nice little park with about 20 planes and explains what type and how and when they were used.  Very interesting – some of the bombers are just so huge.  Wow.  Also being in the desert they have such different trees and plants – really cool to look at them.  We saw one tree that looked like a pine tree but very soft needles.  As I have said alot before this is both a history and science learning experience for us.  We then took a walk to the office of the campground – they have a book exchange so we traded in 5 books and took 5 books – this is the best exchange I have seen.  Some have books that are so old that no one would read them – this one had loads of new stuff – both of us were very pleased. We do read alot which is good for us – also keeps us out of trouble.

Tim has posted pictures of the airplanes on base – enjoy them

Will write again later.

Well today is Sunday and another beautiful day.  We shampoed our carpets today and they came out really good.  I should not say we I should say Tim.  He did the work – I just made sure he got them all.  Hard job again.  We have light tan carpet so it gets quite soiled when two people spill things quite often. 

We went to the camera store today – Tim’s lens has a spot on it and he wanted it fixed.  They said it would be 4 weeks before getting it back plus will cost over $100 to fix so we will wait for awhile.  I went to the card shop and got my cards and then to Staples to get copies made of my Christmas Letter.  Back home and got a drink and then went for a long walk around.  This campground has over 140 sites and expanding because it is so popular all winter long.  The desert is a good place for snowbirds like us to stay.  Tim and I have never stayed anywhere longer than a week except Connecticut when we stayed with the grandchildren.  The weather is so nice in the day – today it was about 75 – but at nights it gets cool. 

We are leaving in the morning and heading to Quartsite Arizonia.  We are hoping to be able to get a better internet hookup installed on our camper.  Will cost us some money but we need better coverage.  It is about 200 miles away so the ride will be okay.  Suppose to be another beautiful day.

Enjoy your week and I will be back soon.