Arizonia and California

We left Tucson Arizonia on Monday morning and traveled to Quartsite.  On the way Julia called me to tell me she went on the potty chair.  Julia is our two year old granddaughter whom is just darling but has a mind of her own.  I loved the call.  Quartsite is the desert where loads of people camp for the winter with no hookups and just out in the middle of nowhere.  This really is not something we were interested in doing but kind of cool to see.  We stopped here to buy the Dusty Foot system for internet connection.  This should help us get online most places once set up.  We had planned to stay the night but it was only 3 so we continued to travel until we hit Indio California. 

Indio is part of Palm Springs area and really quite pretty.  We stopped at the Shadow Hills Rv Resort.  This is a passport america campground so we got half price for two nights only.  So we decidied to stay only 2 nights as the price is normally $45 a night – little to pricy for us.  It was a very pretty campground and had lots of different things to do.  They had a beautiful pool, clubhouse, game room, pond, card room, clubhouse, and laundry. 

The next day we took a ride to see the different things in the area.  I was really impressed with the city of Indian Wells.  We drove thru Indio, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, and Palm Springs.  We saw miles and miles of windmills which NASA put up because of the wind in this area.  Really cool.  This is an area we definitly will return to and spend more time – maybe we can find a cheaper campground at the time. 

On Wednesday morning we left and traveled on Route 10 to Los Angeles and then headed north on route 5. Route 5 is a beautiful drive but wow nothing much on it.  We had planned to spend the night somewhere and could not find anything close.  We then decided to drive into Pleasanton where Josh and Amanda are.  We got alittle mixed up so pulled into the shopping center and called her.  No answer at first but she called back.  Tim asked her if she was home and she said yes – he said I will call you back in a minute.  We left the camper and went to her apartment.  The look on her and Josh’s faces were worth the long ride.  They were shocked.  We then had them help us find the fairgrounds.  We finally find it and got set up for the night.  The cost is $25 a night but no discounts at all – we are used to military campgrounds at $75 – 80 a week.  It is a convient campground thou – you can take the bart into the city.

Thursday we took the truck to get serviced- cost us $490.  Wow – it took 4 hours so they drove us to the mall to pass the time.  We walked around – nice mall – has the nice stores too – went into Norstroms and bought myself a blouse – one that is wash and wear.  Got rid of my ironing board – do not want to iron.  Seems so funny how we have changed since being on the road.  I would iron everything before – not now.  We went to a really neat place for lunch – you get all the salad you want, pizza, breads, deserts, pasta, baked potatoes for one price of $7.50.  It was very good.  Picked up the truck – back home to make dinner.  Made a whole chicken stuffed, rice, gravy, cranberry, and corn for dinner.  Really good.  Amanda and Josh joined us so we had a very nice night.

On Friday we took a ride around to see what is in the area – had to go to wallmart for a longer sewer hose. Seems we always need something for our house just like our old stick house.  At night we went to Amanda’s and met Tim.  What a super nice guy – he has a wonderful personality and sense of humor.  He is really good to our daughter and grandson also so of course we fell in love with him.  We then went downtown Pleasanton for dinner at an Italian restaurant – very good – then home for a glass of wine for all.  Really nice dinner.

Saturday Tim played with the dish for our internet almost all day.  It is now up and running and much quicker – great for me whom has no patience whatsoever.

Sunday we went into San Francisco and picked up Tim – went to breakfast at a dinner and  then took a ride to Point Reyes where we lived 30 years ago.  We took route 1 – glad we went that day as Route 1 is being closed this week for 4 months to fix the roads.  The base where Tim was stationed is all enclosed with fencing now – so we did not get close.  Seeing it is so small we did not bother to call to get in.  we took a ride to the lighthouse – the walk was quite long and then the lighthouse was down stairs – they said the climb back up was like  climbing 30 stories.  Too much for us – Josh did run down and back up and was as red as a beat.   We then took a ride by where we lived 30 years ago – still the same – alittle more activity in town but bascially the same.  We then drove the old way to route 101 and back home.  Great day – beautiful scenery and alot of fun.

Monday was a day of relaxation and cleaning.  Threw out some clothes that I hav e not worn – need to get rid of before you can buy new.

Will be back soon with the rest.