Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all – hope this year will be one where everything will come together and make you happy and enjoying life.

This past month was a busy one for us in some ways.  We have enjoyed staying in the northern California region but are now ready to go south.  We will leave here on the 3rd and go to Monterey for a couple of weeks and then farther south – want alittle warmer weather.

Christmas was a wonderful day for us all – did miss being with my daughter Susan, Jerry and my beautiful granddaughters.  We did get to talk to them and wish them a wonderful holiday.  Amanda and Josh enjoyed having us and we enjoyed them.  We also had a co-worker of Amanda’s join us for dinner.  She is from Malaysia so we enjoyed hearing about her country and how they celebrate the holidays.  Very nice friendly girl. 

I attended two Christmas parties with Amanda.  One was held in Nordstroms – they closed the store for everyone else and had all kids of food and drinks set up all around the store.  You also go to look at the things in the store and shop if you wished.  It was a really fun night and got to meet some people that Amanda works with.  Another night we went to Wente Winery for a party.  They had dinner, drinks and entertainment.  Again met really nice people – everyone is friendly and gets along.  Seemed funny attending a party without Tim but I went as Amanda’s date and Tim stayed with Joshua.  Amanda’s boyfriend Tim had gone to Atlanta for the holidays so mom was the date.  Really nice time – enjoyed myself greatly.

My comptuer crashed last month so now I have a brand new Dell computer.  Really nice and I love it.  Santa was good to me again this year.  Have a tiny keyboard and small speakers – we have only one computer desk which is quite small so try to keep things small. 

It has been 6 months that we have been on the road.  It has been a time of wonderful adventures – meeting lots of nice people and seeing so much of this beautiful country.  We met a couple doing laundry that have been fulltime for 6 years and have decided to buy a home and settle down again.  Tim asked me when we would do this and to be honest right now I love this lifestyle – no stress and we do what we want when we want.  What more could you ask for??????

Today is really foggy – kind of cold and not to nice.  We were hoping to go to Golden Gate Park – maybe it will burn off. 

This past month was pretty cold at night – around 60 during the day – not much different that New England has been.  We try to get out each day and do something even if it is just aq little ride or walk.  We have toured the vineyards,  took a ride to the beach were we used to camp over 30 years ago – attended a born again Christian church, shopped, went to a electronic warehouse in Silicone Valley, hit the backroads and just toured.  It has been a wonderful month,.

I really will be better in the new year with my blog.  Will write each week and keep you informed where we are and what we are doing. 

Happy New Year and may God Bless you all.