Jan 30 till Feb 1

Tuesday was a day with not to pleasant weather so we just took a walk and then came back to camper and relaxed.  We did check with the post office again – looks like our mail has been lost.  They mailed it last Friday and still has not arrived.

Wednesday was a nice day – took a long walk with one of our neighbor couples and talked so did not seem far.  We enjoyed that greatly and the walk was great.  When we got back to the campground we saw 3 coyotes.  Wow are they brave – they just stare at you.  Guess they see so many people that they do not worry at all.  We then took a ride to Santa Barbara.  I have read so much about it that I wanted to see for myself.  What a ride – the pacific ocean is just beautiful and so many places to just enjoy the view.  One thing nice about California is alot of the coast line is either parks or for everyone to enjoy.  Santa Barbara was interesting – we walked the pier and then had a nice lunch at a restaurant on the pier.  We were going to do the museum but it was closed on Wednesdays.  They have beautiful beaches and lovely buildings – very spanish looking and so pretty.  We drove into a hotel resort that definitly was for the wealthy – we just laughed.  We took the scenic road most of the way home and enjoyed the views greatly.  We stopped at a State Park – they have camping – but no hookups at all.  Guess I am spoiled but do not want to rough it unless we really have to.  The military campgrounds are pretty reasonable and nice so hookups are in order.  At night we went to the base chow hall for dinner.  They let the retires eat – we had dinner for $4.10.  It was good also.  We talked to Amanda – Tim talked to Josh – thanks guys for calling.  Enjoyed talking to you so much. 

Today we went to the La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.  Pictures follow this blog – Tim took loads of them.  The mission was used by Spain to colonize California. The spanish believed the Indians would become citizens and build New Spain if taught crafts, agriculture and baptized Catholic.  The Franciscian Fathers ran the missions.  Wow were they impressive.  They have residence buildings where the padres lived, pottery shop, grist mill and kitchen, blacksmith shop, cemetery, bell tower, tallow vats, springhouse, gardens, indian apartments, shops and quarters.  The main church has the Stations of The Cross, paintings, statues, beautiful altar, choir loft and santuary.  It was just beautiful – even had a confessional.  They have animals and all.  Cost us only $3 to get in cuz Tim is a senior citizen – what a great day and so much too see and enjoy.  Emily would have really enjoyed seeing this.   Came home and went to the post office again – still no mail showing up.  Little worried as I think it has our tax info – hope it shows up.  Tonight we went to the base again for dinner.  Tonight it cost us $5 – cannot cook for that amount.  I even had fruit and desert plus dinner.  we will eat there until we leave on Monday.  Most bases do not let you eat so must take advantage of our offerings.

Tonight we saw three deer grazing right across from our camper.  Really cool to see all the wildlife.  We saw big hurge buzzards also.  This is such a learning experience for me the city girl.  Tim has to explain so much to me as I really am city bred. 

One thing I keep seeing that makes me laugh is a stop sign that actually has lights all around it and flashes.  It is the neatest thing – never saw anything like that before.

Tommorow we are going to have the oil changed in the truck and probably tour the town of Santa Maria – every place has something interesting to see.  The crops that grow in this state is unreal – so many.  I wish the ranchers would put signs up so I knew what they were.  Some are easy to tell but others I have no idea. 

Will write again before we leave.  Say a little prayer that our mail is found.