First week of February

This has been an exciting and interesting week.  Friday we took the truck to Santa Maria for an oil change.  We had an appointment but still were told it would take at least an hour or longer.  We walked up to the shopping mall and walked past all the stores.  Went into Wal Mart as I wanted a new rug for in front of the door inside the camper.  We did find one – perfect size and color.  We stopped at Quinzo Sub and had lunch outside.  Wow was that weird eating outside in February.  The birds surrounded our table – they wanted lunch also.  Tim actually fed the bird holding up a piece of bread.  I was not that brave – I threw it on the ground.  Somethings just worry me to much.  We then went back and picked up the truck.  We then got back to the campground and were we ever delighted – our mail finally arrived.  When you only get it twice a month it is an i mportant event – not much in it but I enjoy my magazines.  We  took a ride to Vandenberg Village and got propane plus looked around.  At night we went to the base for dinner.  $4.50 for both our dinners – cannot beat these prices.  Wish we could eat on base all the time but this is one of the few that allow this.  Really pretty good food – you get to pick what you want – Tim said it is nothing like when he was on active duty.

On Saturday morning we got up early and took a ride up to the Ronald Regan Viewing Area on base.  He came here to see the missles shot into space from this point.  It is a beautiful site – high up but you can see for miles.  Tim took alot of pictures that he will post soon.  We then went to have brunch – had eggs, bacon, orange juice, toast, and grapes for $2.   Really good.  We then went to the library on base – brought them a bag of books – they have an area that you can take books for free.  I got 3 books – Tim got only 1 as he needs hardback books so he can see the writing.  It is alful getting old – I still take my glasses off to read.  Go figure.  Tonight I decided to make a chicken dish and eat at home.  It was very good.  While we were watching tv at night we could hear the coyotes – they were howling up a storm.  Guess it was mating night – wow really loud.  I told Tim not to go outside – he thinks I am nuts but that is okay.

On Sunday we again did brunch – walked on the beach for awhile and talked to a nice couple from Michigan.  They said they could go fulltime rving – sounded great.  We then went for gas and started getting ready to pull out tommorow am.  I cleaned and then sat outside and read.  It was just beautiful out – we have had cool weather – okay to walk but sitting still is not been in the cards until Sunday.  Wow did it feel good.  The temp went up to 75 – feel sorry for the Connecticut folks freezing.  Glad I am here. 

Monday morning we pulled out about 9AM and took the highway south to Seal Beach California.  We are staying at the Navy Amio Base – not much here but a nice campground.  They have about 80 sites with full hookups – nice rv wash – wi fi in the office – free laundry – and nice bathhouse.  They do have a small exchange on base but that is about it.  We set up the camper and then took a ride around.  We then walked the campground to check out the facilities.  Very pleased plus it is close to all the activities of Los Angeles so whom can complain.  We will be here for 2 weeks.  At night I made dinner – cleaned up and then surfed the internet.  Talked to Amanda and enjoyed that greatly.  Her and Josh are doing well.  Miss ya guys.

On Tuesday we got up and took a ride south to Irving to the Cannon repair center.  Tim has to have his lens fixed – he will be at alost until that happens.  He will be using his old camera until we can pick it up in about a week.  We then took a ride to the Rcihard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.  What a beautiful place – they have 9 acres filled with very interesting information.  They have his home when he was born which is a house his father built from a kit.  Really a nice home – reminded me of my grandmothers house.  They also have the presidential helicopter that was used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford.  The helicopter was built in Stratford Ct by Sikorsky.  We actually got to go in it – it had ashtrays and looked very 1960’s.  The man whom was the guide was very imformative – he has children whom live in Ct.  This is such a small world when you travel – we have met more people with connections with Ct or from Ct that it truly amazes me.   The museum also has a movie that helps you understand Nixon and his life.  He had a big failure with Watergate but really did alot for this country.  They have displays about his years as vice president, running for president in 1960 againt Kennedy, replic   of the Lincoln Room, replic of his office in his home in New Jersey – alot about Vietnam and space.  Really enjoyed the grounds – they have beautiful flowers – a huge reflecting pool and loads of roses.  One of the things that really impressed both Tim and I were the life size statues of the 10 most important world leaders he dealt with.  They lookied so real.  I would recommend this attraction to anyone in the area.  Well worth the time and money to really understand a president and what he actually did.  We then stopped at Panera Bread for a quick sandwich.  We took the back roads home going past Disneyland which we hope to go to someday while here.  It was a beautiful day – high 85.  At night I talked to my son-in-law and granddaughters.  Enjoyed that greatly.

Today we woke up to cloudy skies and very cool – only will be 60 today.  It was very overcast.  Today I heard revile at 8AM and then about 5:30 taps.  It brought back so many memories of when our children were small.  When they played taps all the kids would stop whatever they were doing and stand at attention.  Being in the military – whether as a military person, spouse or child you feel really proud of this country.  I must say all the people on base are friendly and so polite.  Any parent with a young person in the military should be proud – you helped them reach this point.  We took a walk to the exchange this am – needed to get packing tape to send back a package.  Around noon the sun finally came out so we decided to take a ride.  We wandered as normal and came upon the Queen Mary.  This is a very old ship which was built in the early 1930’s.  My dad came back from England on her after world war II.  She is now used as a hotel – you may tour her but it cost $25 each which we thought alittle steep.  They also have a russian submarine to tour for $10 each but as I said to Tim I have toured American subs for free and he served on many.  We enjoyed looking from the dock.  We then toured the coastline – we love the ocean – followed the port of Los Angeles until we came to San Pedro.  Here we found a beautiful park with the Point Fermin Lighthouse Historic Site and Museum.  It was built in 1874 and is an early Victorian architectural style.  We got a private tour by the curator and she did a wonderful job.  She explained everything to us – alot about the familes that lived here and how basic their lives were.  The tour is free – they ask for a donation and after the tour you will be happy to give.  I also got a sweatshirt, postcards and Tim got a lighthouse patch.  Very enjoyable.  We headed further north – wow what homes.  They overlook the ocean and are huge – loads of money out here, but whom knows maybe a movie star lives in the house.  We also stopped at a museum about the ocean around Los Angeles.  People actually sit outside each day and count the whales t
hat pass – this really amazed us.  We were alittle late in the day so decided we will go back another day.  We then wandered home – wow you see everything here.  People wear winter boots with shorts.  Looks strange to us but they do as they wish and are really individuals.  Back home for a wonderful dinner of steak, mushrooms, and baked potatoes. 

Tommorow will be a down day – we need to get the laundry done and go thru our clothes.  Tommorow will also be our youngest daughters birthday – happy birthday Amanda.  Hope you have many more happy ones.  We love ya.

Until later you are in our thoughts and prayers and wish you could be with us as we tour this wonderful country.