February 8 thru February 12, 2007

Today was a really laid back day – did 4 loads of laundry so I spent a good portion of the day in the laundry.  It is on base and free but they ask that you only use 2 machines at a time.  Took me longer than usual but for free whom can complain.  Also met a real nice gal to talk to so the time went quickly.

As I was putting the laundry away Tim invited Bill and Barbara in to see our camper.  They are seriously thinking of buying a hitchhiker so I hope we gave them good advise.  We still love ours.  We then took a ride to Cosco and Frys Electronics – what a store.  Back home – made dinner and called our youngest daughter to wish her a happy birthday.  Enjoyed talking to her and then we watched Survivor.  The new series has started and will prove very interesting.

Friday morning we got up and decided to take a ride so I could see Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  The stores are all the top notch ones – Gucci, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany and Bijan to name a few.  Bijan is the most expensive store in the world and you need an appointment to shop there.  They say the average shopper walks out after spending $100,000.  I love shopping but those stores really are not for my budget at this time.  Saw some really weird looking folks but did not recognize anyone.  It was fun to look and see the houses on Rodeo Drive also – beautiful.  The majority of homes out here are so close you can touch your neighbors house and yours at the same time.  Never saw anything so close before and they talk about how crowded New England is – I could scream and my neighbors could not here.  Out here you could never fight unless your neighbors were out for the evening.  Really different.

We then took a ride to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.  Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 and died in 2004.  He was our 40th president and well liked by most.  He was a radio annoucer before becoming a movie actor and then went into politics.  He always seemed to have a smile on his face and really seemed to enjoy people.  I was very impressed by the museum – it opened in 1991 and the propery looks so Californian.  They have rooms with stuff from his young days as a child – how his home looked – his year books etc.  It then goes into his life as an actor, being governor of California and then running for office as president.  It has loads of info about each term.  They have one room with all the gifts that they received from people all around the world.  They also have the Air Force One Presidential Plane on display.  You can go right into it and see what it really looked like.  This was really interesting to us.  They also had the cars that he used and the helicopter that was used.  We got to see what his beloved Rancho del Cielo looked like and also Camp David.  They even had the oval office just as it looked when he served as president.  He was laid to rest here also.  Tim and I both enjoyed the day greatly and learned things we had not know before.  We also met a really nice couple from Michigan whom thought our life style was super.  They travel for 3 months each year but stay in hotels etc.  On our way back home we stopped at an Italian Restuarant and had dinner.  We then took the Route 1 going thru Malibu and all the little towns that hug the ocean – what a ride.  When you see the actual way they build houses on the sides of mountains you understand the mudslides.  Beautiful scenery and the ocean is just out of this world.

On Saturday we walked the track here on base.  We need the exercise and hope to do this most days at least once.  I then cleaned our little home and we went to the wildlife preserve here on base.  Quite interesting.  We then took a ride to the base beach – really nice – would love it in the warm weather.  It is about 70 but not warm enough for beach bathing.  We took a ride around Seal Beach and found the pier finally.  So many people were there so we will return someday next week.  We try not to hit tourist attractions on weekends.  Talked to my sister Ann today and also our daughter Susan.  Really nice relaxing day.

Sunday we took a ride down the coast thru Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente.  Most of the ride hugs the coast which we both enjoy.  We arrived at Camp Pendleton which is the busiest base in the world.  The base as 125,000 acres and over 60,000 people work here each day.  They have over 30+ stores which was quite interesting.  We have never seen another base like this – wow is it big.  It sits right on the ocean also and the terrian is varied.  They say during the week you can see the guys on manuvers – this is one base that we saw loads of people.  Most guys were sitting on the benches talking on the phones telling their families what they were doing before going off to war.  Please pray for all these young guys and gals that they return safely back to our soil.  My heart went out to them – they are so proud.  We toured the stores and did not buy one thing except lunch.  We are getting so good about that.  We jumped on the highway to get back home – sat and read the paper and then had dinner.  Quite night of reading and watching tv.  Today I also talked to Sandy and my brother Tom.  He follows our blog which made me very happy.  Miss ya all and will see you in May.

Today is Monday, up at 8:30 (we are getting quite lazy in our new lives).  Last year at this time we would be up and at work by 6AM.  After coffee we took a walk around the track – nice easy walking as it is mostly flat.  We then took a ride to Irvine to Canon to pick up Tim’s lens.  They cleaned it for him and it was free.  We had checked with a camera shop before and they told him it would cost at least $200.  Wow were we glad we waited.  We stopped at Target to get more cleaning supplies for our rug cleaner and then we went to an Army base to the exchange.  Very disappointed especially after being at Camp Pendleton yesterday.  Home for lunch of a big pulled pork sandwich that Tim made – I made the cole slaw – gosh was it good.  We talked to our neighbors and then took another walk around the track.  We will either kill ourselves trying to get in shape or we will reach our goals.  Sometimes I wonder why I just keep gaining weight – feel like I will need Omar the tent maker.  I was always thin in my younger days and I had a friend whom was alittle over weight.  She used to say that about the tent maker – brought back memories of years past.

Time for reading so I will sign off.  Tried to call my sister Sharon today but no answer.  Will try again in the morning.  Being out west makes it hard to call as the time difference is 3 hours different.  Also hope to talk to my girls this week.  Will be back soon.  Have a good week and all of our friends on the east coast – please keep warm.  Throw a snowball for me.