Thursday at Camp Pendleton

We woke up this am to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach.  We sat in our recliners with a cup of coffee and just watched the water.  Every once in awhile we would see a boat quite aways out.  The sound of the waves is very calming to us both so this is like being in heaven. 

Tim worked on the lap top for the truck today and finally got it fixed.  We use this laptop just for GPS which is our tracking software to tell us how to get somewhere.  We have gotten very spoiled having that as it has helped us out more than once when we were wandering.  While he did that I read my book – reading a really good novel called “Something Borrowed” by Emily Giffin. 

We also watched the marines again today riding in the people movers (I call them tanks) but they really just transport people.  We also watched the helicopters flying all around us.  This is a very interesting base with so much activitiy.  After eating lunch we went to the exchange and got Tim some new jeans and I got a new bottle of perfume.  We also got some wine and tickets to San Diego Zoo. 

Back home to dinner of corned beef, potatoes, string beans and rolls.  Came out quite good, we did it in the crock pot.  Just finshed dishes and it is pouring outside.  It is suppose to rain all night so we shall sit inside – watch Survivor, read, have a glass of wine and early to bed. 

Say a little prayer for all these young marines that are working so hard to keep this country free.  God Bless them all.