Wrapping up the month of February

Friday morning we woke to the surf hitting the beach – what a wonderful sound.  As we drank our coffee and looked out the window at the water we saw men putting up bleachers on the beach.  Soon 2 jeeps with guns were put on the sides and then the marines filled the bleachers.  They were taking their group pictures.  These poor guys were in short sleeve shirts and it was pretty cold with that wind blowing – some of them were jumping up and down. 

We got ready and took a ride along the shore to San Diego.  We stopped at Fiddlers Cove Rv Park on Coronado.  This is an island – really pretty.  Fiddlers Cove is a military campground with a marina, store, laundry, showers, dump station, water and electric hookups, and dry camp area.  They rent kayaks, canoes, and sail boats.  Pretty nice – the area is great.  We plan to return someday to San Diego as we are not spending as much time as we would like here.  You could spend a year just in California and still not do all that you wish.  We went to North Island Naval Air Station and had lunch.  We went by Hotel Del Coronado and I just fell in love with the building.  It is huge and so pretty – built over 115 years ago and sits right on the water.  Have no idea what rooms go for but would think a pretty penny.

We also checked out Admiral Baker Rv Park.  What a nice place – this is also a recreational area with pool, water slide, golf course, basketball, baseball, volleyball, playground, picnic areas, tennis, clubhouse and laundry.  They have 48 sites with full hookups and cable tv.  It is located right down the road from Qualcomm Stadium. 

San Diego is a very pretty city – need to spend more time here in the future.   So much to see and do.

Back at the camper we watched the sun set – it looked just like it faded into the ocean.  Just beautiful and so bright.  This lifestyle makes you learn to appreciate nature again – relaxed most of the time.

Camp Pendleton has truly been an experience camping right on the beach.  We met a nice couple from Maryland and also one from New York.  The funny thing was he grew up in Hartford, Ct just like me.  This world is just so tiny – I have met more people from Ct or knew someone from Ct. 

Saturday morning we got up early and went to the San Diego Zoo.  We were lucky to have tickets already as the lines were very long and we just bypassed all those people and got right in.  We first took a 35 minute guided tour on a double decker bus to learn the lay out of the zoo and heard some interesting facts.  The grounds are just beautiful – they grow alot of the animals foods right here on the land.  The zoo has approx 4000 animals and about 100 acres in size.  They also have an animal park about 35 miles north of the zoo which we hope to visit on our next trip this way.  Today we saw all kinds of animals – zebras, lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, polar bear, brown bears, tortoises, iguanas, flamingo’s, tokins, wallabies, camels, pigs, girafes, meerkats, mandrills, hippos and leopards to name a few.  The one we really enjoyed seeing was the panda bears.  This was the first for us both as they do not have them in many zoos. 

They have an express bus that goes around the zoo also that stops at 5 locations where you can jump on and off of.  Saves alot of walking up hills when you get tired.  We also watched a sea lion show which was very good.  Pictures follow the blog so stop by and see them.  This zoo is considered one of the best in the country – right up with the Bronx Zoo in New York to us. 

On the way home we stopped at Kings Fish House in Carlsbad for dinner.  Tim had wine and fried oysters, I had a screwdriver and a shrimp cocktail and then we both had Swordfish with Rosemary potatoes.  The meal was out of this world – so good.  We sat outside on the patio, they have heaters going so you stay warm, and just enjoyed dinner, the weather and each other.  When we arrived home we watched the sun set – looked like it sank into the ocean – so bright and beautiful.  This lifestyle makes you really appreciate nature and all the wonders around you.

Sunday morning early we sat outside and had our coffee.  Watched the tanks going down the beach and enjoyed the calming effect the ocean has on you.  Around noon time the wind picked up and was blowing sand everywhere.  We had planned on a campfire but that was not meant to be.  We did meet a nice couple from New York – he grew up in Hartford and went to college at Central right near where I grew up.  What a small world. 

Talked to Susan and Julia which Tim and I both enjoyed greatly.  Julia talks alot and very fast – sometimes I can not understand her on the phone.  She is 2 and a real pistol.  Emily was at a hockey game.  Later at night Susan sent pictures of Makenzie, she is 5 months old and just as cute as a button.  She got to eat cereal for the first time and big sister fed her.  Looking at the pictures makes you remember when your own children were little and Makenzie looks just like her mother. 

We met a real nice couple, Barbara and Bill,  when we were at Seal Beach and hope they are doing well.  Barb was having some really bad health issues and we are praying for her.  Please keep in touch, we hope someday to run into you again.  We have met so many nice people and enjoy hearing from you all. 

Monday am we were up early and hit the road by 8:30am.  We took I-5 south and then I-8 east.  We stopped for the night at Gila Bend Fam Camp which is an Air Force Auxiliary Field in the desert of Arizonia.   The campground is okay – at $7 a night for full hookups who can complain.  They had no sites so we dry camped for $3.  This was our first time doing this in years.  New experience but we prefer full hookups.  We met a really nice gal whom we talked to for along time.  We also met a guy whom owned a camper like ours but he was not to happy with it.  Oh well cannot please everyone.

Tuesday am we were on the road at 7am taking I-8 east and then I-10 east.  Most of this ride is desert land – gets alittle tiring after awhile.  As we were driving we saw the sign for Tombstone – we looked at each other and said lets go.  We drive about 25 miles one way to the town and it was just like the movies.  Wow was it different.  It is called the Town Too Tough To Die.  It looks exactly like it did in 1880 when 10,000 miners called it home – they still have shoot outs each day at the Ok Corral.  We had lunch at Big Nosed Kate’s.  the food was very good and the singer was outstanding.  He belongs in Nashville – great singer and great guitar player.   We then walked around and saw horses, stagecoaches, cowboys etc.  We stopped in at The Old Bird Cage Theater where they told you about the town.  This was a casino, dance hall, bar, and women for the miners and cowboys.  When the mines were flooded they boarded up the building with everything still inside.  Really is a cool place and someday will return to really see everything.

We then stopped for the night at Lordsburg KOA in Lordsburg New Mexico.  They have full hookups, cabins, pool, game room, laundry, cable, internet and dump.  You can see the Pyramid Mountains – otherwise the town is pretty run down.  We were up at 5:15 am and on the road by 6:30.  We got to the New Mexico – Texas border and the wind started to howl.  We decided we would stay at Fort Bliss and enjoy some down time with nothing planned at all.  So we pulled in about 9:30 AM (this was the earliest we have ever stopped) and got set up.  The winds are just alful – the whole camper shakes.  We did meet a very nice gal – so we talked to her forawhile and then just read.  Very relaxing day.  Talked to Amanda and Josh tonight which we enjoyed. 

Cannot believe February is over – we will be here until March 7th and then head south to San Antonio.  Will keep you updated.