El Paso, Texas

Our week in El Paso was pretty quiet and laid back.  We relaxed alot, caught up on laundry, read alot and just enjoyed ourselves. 

We toured the National Border Museum which was really interesting.  This gives you a history of what the border patrol actually does and how they keep the undesirables out.  Being from the northeast I had never seen so many border patrol cars on the road or so many road blocks.  We went thru one that a huge dog sniffed everyones cars on the outside as you crawled thru the area.  We were saulted thru – do not know whether they do that for most or because of our military sticker???  At the musem they had different contrapsions that people made to try and get over our border.  The border lets you go to Mexico with no questions asked – much harder to get back into our country.  We then took the Trans Mountain Road – very interesting – they have a State Park off this road and we wanted to hike but the wind was just to strong so we vetoed that idea.  We went to Camper World and walked around – yes all campers love that store.

We toured the Chamuzel National Monument in EL Paso.  This celebrates our friendship and goodwill with the Mexican people.  We fought over the boundrey for over 100 years and in 1963 they reached a settlement.  They decided to construct a concrete channel that would not change as the boundry between the countries.  They had to relocate over 5000 people plus businesses.  We watched a movie about this and read about all the cultural activities they have here.  I never realized that Mexico has states just like us and each state has a doll that represents their customs.  They were just beautiful.

Touring the El Paso Zoo was an experience in alot of ways.  They were doing lots of construction so walkways were closed – animals not in their areas etc.  We did get to see sea lions, elephants, orangutans, leopard, jaguar, and a sun bear.  The zoo covers 12 acres and has about 240 species of animals. 

While in El Paso we did meet alot of nice people.  Military campgrounds are our favorites as we have so much in common – compare stories from years ago and what is happening today in the military.  Very interesting and you get to meet people from all over the country.

On Wednesday March 7th we left El Paso heading down I-10 towards San Antonio.  The ride was very long and we had to stop overnight in Sonora Texas.  We noticed that the temp kept getting warmer as we headed south so when I saw the sign for Dairy Queen I just had to have an ice cream cone.  Gosh did that taste good.

We arrived at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio at lunchtime.  We did not have any reservations so we did not know if we would get in as this is a very popular campground.  They said we could stay until Monday and then had someone cancel so we can stay a full week.  The campground is just beautiful.  They have 60 sites, full hookups with pull thrus, concrete pads, tables, grills, laundry, playground, covered patio, propane, dump station and office with book exchange.  They are adding more sites.  The location for visiting San Antonio could not be any better = what a deal.  We are in site 10 and really enjoying it.  When we arrived the temp was 78 degrees.  We have not seen that warm weather since November in Indio California.  Felt good to sit outside and read.

Friday morning Tim washed the camper while I picked up inside.  Then we went downtown San Antonio to visit River Walk.  What a cool place.  You go below street level and they have shops, restaurants, beautiful plants and water taxi – just so different and so pretty.  We walked forever as Tim took pictures – check them out and you will really see what we mean.  We had dinner at an Italian Restaurant – first time we did not have a very good meal since being on the road.  Oh well cannot complain.

Will write more later.