Our travels thru Florida, Georgia and South Carolina

Again I have been lazy in doing our blog – time just flies when you are having fun.  Will try to catch everyone up as I have received quite a few emails asking where we are.

We stayed at Tyndell AFB until April 3.  Jeff (Tim’s brother) arrived and got a campsite right next to ours.  Very nice to have the closeness but yet your own homes.  One night we had Jeff, Anne and Jim over for dinner and then played the game Golf that Annie and Jim taught us.  What a fun evening – did drink alittle bit to much wine but we had a wonderful time.  Another night we all went out for a fish dinner then played cards again.  We walked each day a good 30 minutes at fast pace, sometimes 2 or 3 walks a day.  The weather was just perfect and so nice to wear shorts and no jackets. 

On March 31st marked 1 year that I had retired from ING – I have not missed work at all – just a few of my buddies. 

On April 1st Jeff left and we left on the 3rd driving across the state of Florida to Eagle Hammock Rv Park at Kings Bay Sub Base. 

The campground here was full but they put us in overflow and we had water and electric so whom could complain – super folks – free laundry – beautiful rec hall with full kitchen and great walking trails.   We walked alot and enjoyed our stay greatly.  We took a ride to St Mary’s one day – what a nice little town.  Another day we went to the state park and took a nice long hike.  We both had haircuts in the am.  We spent alot of time talking to our neighbors – they enjoyed checking out our camper and loved it. 

Easter Sunday we went to mass on base then to the galley for dinner with our next door neighbors.  Not to good as far as food but enjoyed the conversations greatly.  Nice day.

On Monday am April 9th we left Georgia and drove to South Carolina.  We checked into a campground in Hardeeville and then took off for Hilton Head.  Susan, Jerry and our beautiful granddaughters were here for vacation this week.  Sue and Jerry knew we were coming but the girls did not.  They were happy to see us and of course we were delighted to see them.  We needed hugs and kisses and enjoyed all the chatter. 

One day we went to the park and played in the playground and then took a nice walk.  Another day we went to the indoor pool at our timeshare at Marriott Surfwatch.  Makenzie went into the water for the first time – she did not cry but no smiles either.  Really cute.  Of course Emily and Julia loved the water.  On Thursday we all went to the beach in Hilton Head at Surfwatch.  The ocean water was much to cold but so nice to get the sun shining on us.  We did go to the heated pool on the beach – the water was like bath water and the girls really enjoyed that.

Friday morning we left and headed north to Foster Creek Campground on the Naval Weapon Station in Charleston SC.  We have a nice site for 10 nights at $108.  How could we say anything bad.  Quite nice and full hookups – picnic table – laundry and baths.  They have a commisary and exchange here also. 

We have spent the last two days looking at houses with Sue and Jerry.  They are hoping to sell in Connecticut and move down here to the Charleston area.  They love to ski but otherwise do not like all the cold weather.  The houses here are about the same prices but the taxes are much lower.  Will keep you informed about what happens.  Sue and Jerry stayed at his cousins house for the night with the two little girls and we took Emily.  Enjoyed that greatly – she is such a darling.  Tonight we had dinner with them and then they left to head home.  We are on our way to Connecticut so we will see them in 2 weeks or so. 

Our stay has been wonderful  – now we will enjoy Charleston and the sights.  Tim was stationed here back in 1963 and we have never been back – should be fun to see the sights and learn some history in the same day.  Until later