Connecticut May 1 thur May 10th

We arrived in Connecticut via Delaware Memorial Bridge, New Jersey Turnpike, George Washington Bridge then I-95 to I-91 to North Branford.  The traffic was not bad and we made good time.  As I looked out the window on the way all I could think of was why people do not like New York, New Jersey and New England.  Driving on I-95 does not give you a true picture of the beauty of each of these states.  Wish they could take the Merritt Parkway and see how pretty Connecticut and New York truly are.  We arrived in North Branford and will be here for awhile.  Our orginial plans were for the month of May but that has changed.  Our son-in-law has accepted a job transfer to the Charleston South Carolina area which delights them all.  We will stay and help Susan with the girls (such torture to play with our grandchildren) and help with the move.  Maybe we will be here a short time – depends when the house sells.  Will keep you all informed.

We have been at her home most days to visit or babysit and enjoying every minute.  Our oldest granddaughter will be 8 on the 18th of this month.  She is turning into a little lady – brings back many memories as she is quite abit like her mother.   Our next granddaughter will be 3 on the 25th and is just a delight.  She twinkles when she is bad – she is just so darn cute.  We played house the other day and she was the mommy and I was the baby.  She kept calling me sweetie.  The littlest granddaughter is 8 months old and such a happy baby.  She smiles most of the time – very seldom cries – what a joy. 

This month will be full of doctors appointments also.  Such fun.  We have plans with a few couples to do dinner plus just visit.  Looking forward to seeing our friends. 

Hope this summer we will get to see Amanda and Joshua – miss them so. 

Just wanted to write a quick blog so everyone had an idea where we are.  Keep in touch.