Grandchildren and doctors

Our stay here in Connecticut has become alot of visits to doctors – will be glad when that is all over.  Seems both Tim and I have weird hearts – they make us do these tests every few years and then say okay that is the way it is suppose to be for you.  I have my stress test on Wednesday and not looking forward to it at all.  Hope they do not fill me on that treadmill going 60mph.  We both feel fine – just part of life.

We have been visiting with our grandchildren and enjoying that greatly.  They are 3 beautiful girls.  Today we will be at a birthday party for Emily whom was 8 yesterday and for Julia whom will be 3 on Friday.  Should be a nice day – hope the weather clears up.

We had a nice dinner with F&P last weekend – always nice to see people we like.  We also got to see S&R – still have loads more.  I will finally see my sister tonight.  Just really hard with so many commitments and everyone having busy lives.

Just wanted to check in – we will be here probably until the end of June.  Jerry leaves on the 1st for South Carolina but we will stay until the house sells to help Susan.  Juntil later