Our First full year on the road

What a journey this year has been – it has taken us across the United States and back – viewing such wonderful sites and meeting such great people.  In my wildest dreams I never thought we would have so much fun and enjoy ourselves so much.  Being with my best friend 24 hours a day – 7 days a week has been a wonderful experience. 

Our time in Connecticut has been very busy and full of different things.  Tim had a nuclear stress test which he failed so he needed to go into the hospital for a coronary angioplasty.  They found one artery clogged which was left alone and then another artery 98% closed so they inserted a stent into him.  They kept him overnight just to make sure all was well.  I stayed with him from 6 in the morning until around 5.  Decided to go home and relax – on the way Sue called an asked me to come over and babysit – Jerry’s plane was delayed – did not get home until 1am.  I was so tired – fell into bed and woke to the alarm at 7am.  That was my alone time.  Good thing I was so tired cuz I slept like a baby – usually does not happen without Tim next to me.

Jerry and Susan have contract on their home – hopefully everything will work out and they will close soon.  We have been helping with the kids, yard, and pool.  We enjoy the girls so much – they are just so darn cute and full of life.  One day I told my granddaughter that her other grandmother said that the baby looked like me.  She said how could that be – you have wrinkles and gray hair.  Kids are so honest – just love them.  You can understand why God told us to be like little children – no holding back of the truth.

Our camper still is not fixed – hopefully the remaining parts will arrive tommorow and it will be fixed on Friday.  This started back in April and here it is the first of July and still not done.  We were hoping to go north while Sue is in South Carolina but that is not going to happen.  Oh well our time will be here soon to hit the road again and enjoy ourselves.

We have gotten together with a few friends but not with everyone that we wanted.  Time just seems to fly by – with doctors, helping Sue, laundry and cleaning our little home.  We will spend the next weeks visiting and enjoying ourselves.  One day we did go to the Coast Guard base in New Haven – really small – but next door they had a park which we enjoyed.  It was called Fort Nathan Hale and Black Rock Fort. 

Black Rock Fort was constructed in 1776 – in 1779 British forces landed and attacked the fort and captured its 19 men.  The british were then able to march into New Haven.  During the War of 1812 the fort stopped the british raiders.  It was very interesting and a pretty view of the port of New Haven.

We had wonderful news last week when Amanda called and said her and Tim were engaged.  We are so happy for them – Tim is a super guy whom loves our daughter and grandson greatly.  What more could we ask for.  We will be updating the site with news of when and where as it proceeds.  Amanda was just so happy – she is a beautiful daughter and deserves to find happiness.  God bless the new couple.

We also got news that our niece will be getting married in the spring also.  God has been very good to our family – we wish you all the luck in the world Jen.

Once we are back on the road I will update the blog more often.  Keep watching for that to happen – hopefully the beginning of August.  Until then