July was a very busy month filled with lots of fun and excitment.  We are really enjoying ourselves – stay very busy and wonder where all the time goes.  We are still in Connecticut going on month 4.  Wow where does time go????

Susan and the girls were gone for 12 days which really seemed funny to us.  We kept busy doing other things including taking rides to nowhere and finding interesting places.  One day we rode along the shores and found a really neat little village.   We went to the outlet store one day and bought new dishes for the camper – only 2 salad plates, 2 dinner plates and 2 bowls.  We will keep our other dishes for company plus we have our good china also.

We stopped at a wonderful seafood restaurant in Guilford one night – it sat right on the water where you could see the fishing boats.  Really cool.  We had a wonderful dinner – very relaxing and enjoyed talking with each other.  When we got home I got so sick – food poisioning.  The next few days made me leary about eating – lost 7 lbs but it came right back when I started to eat again. 

On July 8th we finally got our camper fixed.  The problem started on April 26th – getting the parts and getting the work done took so long but we are very pleased with the results.  The axles keep flipping – this is guy stuff so not really sure why it happens or how.  Hopefully it is all set now.  We love our home – it is very comfortable and we have everything we need in alittle amount of space.

On July 9th we took a ride to our friends Ray and Louise’s house.  It was nice to see them again.  We had a nice visit, nice ride in their motorhome and a wonderful lunch.  Thanks guys for a beautiful day. 

This has been a very hot month – finally got Tim to go swimming with me.  We had a very nice day in Susan and Jerry’s pool – we were all alone and so quite and peaceful.  Thanks Jerry and Sue.

On the 13th we left here around 9 and went to Westborough, Mass and picked up Tim’s brother Jeff.  We stopped for lunch – not to good – and then drove to Portland Maine.  We stayed at the Towne Place Suites by Marriott – had two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and bath.  Very nice that they have these today – I can remember having to share one room with our girls – very hard to put them to bed and you watch tv. 

We walked around Portland – wandered into stores – stopped for an ice cream cone and then took the Downeast Duck Adventure tour.  This is a historical land and sea tour on an amphibious vehicle – gives you a good feel for the city and the history of the area.  The guide noticed Tim’s hat with “retired US Coast Guard” so he talked to him about the wonderful job the Coast Guard does in that area.  We stopped for a wonderful dinner on Fore Street – the food was outstanding, service wonderful, company great.  After dinner we walked again to try and walk off some of those pounds.  We stopped for a drink at an outside bar with a band.  The night was so much fun.

On Saturday morning we got up and took a ride to the Two Lights Lighthouse.  We then went to Portland Head Light which is the oldest lighthouse in Maine.  It was built in 1791 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  In the lighthouse keepers quarters they have a museum that tells you about the history and lighthouses in general.  The grounds are just beautiful – they also have Fort Williams which was an old army base now a park.  We stopped at a nice place for lunch and sat outside looking at the water.  Water is so relaxing to us – we never tire of it.  We then rode around and finally hit Freeport – went to LL Bean.  If you have never been here you must go.  They now have stores in several areas but nothing like the one in Maine.  It is a beautiful store – loads of help – never pushy but always helpful.  I found a quilt I dearly loved but they only have a queen size and I really need King.  Alittle disappointed but will keep looking.  Jeff did buy a pair of shoes – he had been complaining about his feet so I told him to buy a good pair.  He listened to me and was very pleased.  I know Jeff I am alittle bossey. At night we went to Di Millo’s Floating Restaurant in downtown Portland.  This is a car ferry that was converted into a restaurtant.  We sat outside.  Enjoyed the view but not to impressed with our dinner.  Jeff loved his.

Sunday morning we checked out and started home.  We took the back roads for awhile and stopped for lunch at a nice place in Kennenbunkport.  Great food.  Dropped Jeff off and headed for home.  If you have never been to Portland Maine I highly recommend it.  It is the largest city in Maine with a population at about 65,000 people.  It was settled by the britsh in 1632 making it quite old.  The sea plays a big part in the lives of people in the area with lobsters, fish and the largest oil port on the eastern seaboard.

We then stopped at Sue’s to see them.  I really missed them the time they were gone.  They had a wonderful time and they all enjoyed the beach.  The girls also got to see their new home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  Emily was very pleased with her bedroom.  I think they will be very happy down there.

We babysat 2 or 3 times a week and enjoyed that greatly.  I would take the girls into the pool – they are all lovers of the water and really enjoy swimming. 

One night Tom and Donna came for dinner and we enjoyed their company.  We had a nice dinner and good conversation.  With such alittle house you only can invite one couple unless you want to eat outside.  We invited Sharon and Wayne one night also but they are busy with the kids and could not make it.

Last Friday night Tim and I went out to dinner with Sandy and Larry.  We went to our favorite restaurant and had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed ourselves greatly.  Being on the road is wonderful but sometimes you really miss your friends.  Tommorow night we will go out with Paul and Fernanda which we are looking forward to. 

Last Sunday we went to the Jonathan Dickerman House in Hamden.  The house was built in 1792 for a moderately prosperous farming family.  It is quite a nice home – plain but very functional.  The volunteer was very interesting and knew alot about the house.  We were the only visitors so it was quite a nice stop.

This past Tuesday Susan flew to South Carolina for the home inspection on their new home.  She arrived back on Thursday morning.  I stayed and took care of the girls – they are really good considering they are all trying to get my attention at the same time.  We had a nice time.  Emily and I would talk late at night after the little ones were in bed.  Then in the morning Julia and I would talk.  Nice to spend some time alone with each one. 

Looks like we will be leaving Connecticut on the 19th of this month.  On the 5th is Susan and Jerry’s 12th wedding anniversary.  Congrads to you both and many more years to come.

On the 8th Joshua is flying in.  He is our 12 year old grandson whom lives in California.  It will give him a chance to see us plus his Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  The girls are very excited about his arrival.  We should enjoy the time greatly, he will be with us for 10 days.

We are looking forward to moving on to Charleston area and Hilton Head.  Hope we will be better with the blog at that time.  Until later