Time in Connecticut drawing to a close – August 23rd

August has also been a busy month for us, we sometimes wonder how we worked all those years and still had time for fun.   If I had to live my life over I would enjoy more free time – I used to go crazy cleaning and working each day instead of enjoying the small things.  We learn so much as we age.

We were blessed during August to get together with quite a few friends and family.  It is always wonderful to see them – be it for dinner, chatting in your yard to attending parties etc.  We enjoyed seeing you all and hope to see you again in the near future.  We will be heading to South Carolina and remain at least until January.  We will spend two weeks in Hilton Head at our time share and just relax on the beach with a drink and good book.  I love the sun and water – Tim is getting better enjoying that also.  In October we will spend a week in a timeshare in Orlando with my brother Tom and his wife Donna, my sister Sharon and her hubby Wayne and my sister Ann and her hubby Rich.  We should have a good time being together for a week – we have never done this since I left home years ago.  In November Susan and Jerry gave us a cruise out of Charleston for helping them.  We were quite surprized but soooo happy.  Thanks Sue and Jerry for being such wonderful children – we love you all and enjoyed helping you out.  One thing nice about our life style is being able to be in certain locations for our children.  When we leave South Carolina we will head west to be with Amanda, Tim and Josh.  Looking forward to seeing them all again.  We miss you guys sooooo.

On Tuesday, July 7th we went down to Kennedy airport and spent the night at the Marriott.  On Wednesday am at 5:56 AM Josh arrived from California.  He looked so grown up – where has time gone – he was delighted to see us as we were to see him.  His grandpa is still is idol – he can do no wrong in Joshua’s eyes and the same in grandpa’s eyes.  Something about the bound with males and the first grandchild.  I saw this with my dad and Susan – my grandfather and my oldest brother and now Josh and Tim. 

Josh spent 10 days here in Ct with us – he enjoyed seeing his cousins and they enjoyed him.  They played in the pool and had so much fun – he had a sleep over with Emily and then she slept here one night.  He also got to see my niece and nephew Bailey and Jed.  He also got to go to a party and had kids his own age to play with – they played tag and had running contests.  All in all I think he had a great time.  We were sad to see him go and hope to see them all soon.

Sue and Jerry closed on their house on the 15th of August and headed for South Carolina that night with Julia, Makenzie and the two dogs.  Emily stayed behind for her play and we will leave on Sunday with her.  They arrived safely on Thursday and closed on their new home on that day.  Unfortunatly the movers did not arrive until Monday – they did get to clean and meet some neighbors.

We had our camper fixed again on the 17th so we are all set to roll.  We have been here much to long – time to head somewhere new and interesting. 

Saturday night we went to Emily’s play at Hamden middle school.  The play was Beauty and the Beast and was outstanding.  The cast should be proud of themselves.  Susan, Emily and I saw this play on Broadway for Emily’s 5th birthday and I enjoyed it as much.  The cast did an exceptional job.  Congrads to Emily, Kate and Annie (these 3 I know).  After the play Emily had to say goodby to everyone and she was a trooper.  No tears on her part.  We took her to the dinner to get her a late dinner and Annie and family came also.  This gave her extra time with Annie whom is her best friend.  They are like two peas in a pod.  We said goodby and arrived home at 1.  Bedtime as we will leave early to head south, we will go down with the truck pulling a flatbed with the bug Volkswagon on it and then return later to get our camper.

Sunday we were all set to leave at 6:30am – Tim carried Emily to the truck still in her pj’s.  She was awake and we hoped she could sleep longer.  She did manage another hour.  We stopped for breaks, gas, lunch and dinner.  She was great – told us a few times that she needed something to eat and needed to stretch her legs.  Nice to have young company – we played the game finding words with each letter of the alphabet.  Emily and Tim against me – they won each time.  Fun game and passes the time.  We played a game with Josh like that but used words.  My grandchildren are just to smart – they beat me all the time.  We arrived at the hotel around 11 and Susan greeted us.  She had obtained a room for us for the night.  Thanks Sue.  We went straight to bed – quite tired from all the riding and Tim driving.  Awoke at 8 – took showers and headed down to breakfast.  Just finished eating and my 3 granddaughters came down.  Julia and Makenzie were delighted to see us and we were delighted to see them. 

We went to Sue’s new home and played with the kids while the movers were moving in boxes and furniture.  The movers were horrid on this end and broke quite a few things.  The house is super – love the layout and will be happy to see it all done.  They have lots of stuff and many boxes to unpack.  I remember those days well.  We moved quite often in early years.

Monday night Tim and I cheked in to the downtown Charleston Marriott.  A beautiful hotel – we have a nice room with a king sized bed.  We then went down and ordered drinks and sat outside on the patio.  It was so relaxing – we just sat and talked for quite awhile.  We also talked to Amanda and enjoyed that greatly.  Tim also talked to Jeff.

On Tuesday we had breakfast at the hotel and then went to the base campground to check about staying there.  They have no time limits – first come first served.  Happy to hear that.  We will leave the camper there while in Hilton Head which makes it soooo much easier.  We then went over to Sue’s and I played with the girls while Tim set up the computer.  Julia and I looked for the alligator but could not find him – we did get to see a heron.  She enjoyed watching him – kept making noises so he would look at us.  We had dinner with them and then headed back to the hotel.  Again we sat outside and had 3 glasses of wine – it was so relaxing and peaceful. 

On Wednesday we left Charleston around 8 and headed back to Ct.   We took the bypass around Richmond which was great but we got to Washington DC at rush hour.  Our GPS took us right downtown DC – no traffic – we laughed so hard.  Told Tim we should stop and have dinner with George and Laura but he vetoed that idea.  We had to go to New York and drop the flatbed so we did not arrive home until 2am.  Went to bed around 3 after relaxing alittle.  This am we were up at 11.  Wow what a life.

We will depart here on Saturday am to avoid traffic.  Today is cleaning the camper day – tommorow will be a trip to the bank, and shopping.  We will be on the road probably two days.

Enjoy the rest of your summer – will write again soon.