Happy Birthday Makenzie

Makenzie is 1 year old today – she is just a little doll and such a happy little girl.  Happy Birthday Makenzie – grandmom and grandpop love ya.

We slept last night with the windows open and the fan on – just beautiful sleeping weather.  Woke up at 9 and after a cup of coffee took our walk.  We are trying to walk each day – hopefully will get back up to our 5 mile hikes again soon.  We let that all go while in Connecticut – shame on us.  Now it is time to get serious and loose some weight and get fit. 

After lunch we went over to Susan’s house.  Sue and Tim went to see the lawyer about their new business and I took care of the two little girls.  We played school – Julia, whom is 3,  was the teacher – I was the student.  She read me stories and kept telling me to keep my head straight – just to look at her.  She is the funniest little girl – just a delight to play with.  Makenzie was doing her own thing – playing with toys – trying to walk – all the time smiling and laughing.  Around 3 Emily came home from school and then everyone else arrived.  We talked and moved things in the garage – then to dinner at a hot dog place.  Nice and relaxed place – had a good chicken sandwich with blue cheese coleslaw on it.  Very different.  The place looks like from the 1940’s – the tables – chairs – light fixtures etc.  Really kind of cool.  They even have an old wringer style maytag washer that I can remember my mom using when I was small.  Gosh places like that bring back soooo many memories.

Around 7:45 we headed for home.  All in all it was a nice day – had a small glass of wine and now ready for bed.  We did get to talk to Amanda tonight – think we need to get a new phone as our reception is horrid here.  All our calls get lost if you move your head. 

Hope tommorow will be a good day – plan to clean my little house and organize again.