September 20, 2007

We are so proud of ourselves – yesterday we walked 3 miles around base housing.  It was a beautiful day – cool breeze but warm temp – perfect weather for walking.  We are hoping to accomplish this at least a few days a week. 

We went to Camping World to inquire about a washer/dryer combo for the camper.  This is one item I miss from the house but really not postive I want to give up all my space in that closet.  Decicions are not an easy item for me.  Will keep you informed what we finally decide on doing.

We also went to Pier One and bought wine glasses.  Tim’s cost $2 each while mine were $8 each.  He likes the sturdier ones while I like the thin glass.  We have gone thru quite a few since being on the road so it was time for new ones.  We came back to the camper and had dinner – macaroni and tuna salad.  I must say it was quite good considering I have not made it in years.

Woke this am to rain – it was pouring really hard.  Our poor site got drenched – looks like we will need to move to a different site so the management can fix this site.  The drainage is all wrong.  The rain did stop this afternoon so we walked the campground for 1 mile.  Tommorow we will go back to a much faster and longer pace.

Tim worked on the satelite tv while I played with my puzzle.  He got alittle annoyed and it still does not work right so who knows what will happen next.

I finished my book “Saving Graces” by Elizabeth Edwards.  It was a wonderful book but so touching.  I sat in my chair crying my eyes out.  She is such a down to earth women with such a wonderful outlook on life.  A wonderful mother, wife, friend, just a wonderful person.  Highly recommend reading this book.

I also finished reading “74 Seaside Avenue” by Debbie Macomber.  This is on the best sellers list and a wonderful book.  This is the 7th book in a series and just outstanding.  I like her as an author and have read quite abit of them.  I am now reading the book by Robin McGraw “Inside My Heart”.  It seems pretty good – only on chapter 2.  I read probably 3 books a week and have recently gotten interested again in biographies.  I have about 10 books to read before I can touch the book store again.

Tommorow we will go over to our daughter’s house – she is having trouble with her computer so Tim will try to help her fix it.  I will get to play with the girls which I just love to do.  Nothing like grandchildren.

Tim just got a note from Dan about getting a new job.   Good work Dan – hope you will enjoy it. 

One more month and we will be going to Flordia for a week – looking forward to that.  Until later